This is Page #1 of the Triadic Healing DIY Online Course. If you are wanting to get started in Triadic Healing, then you are in the right place.

Hello, Beautiful soul! Welcome to DIY Triadic Healing! Here is your Self-Care Regimen with daily instruction. If you need an “accountability” partner, then that is something I am 100% on board with for Members and Clients Only! It helps a lot of people.

Clients are invited to email or text me whenever they need. The Healing Garden Members have access to me through my Integration Workshop, a great resource for those doing DIY Triadic Healing.

If you are Member or a Client, you too are invited to update me on your progress if that is something you need to help you stay on track. I am 100% behind that kind of tracking and support. Ideally, we are aiming for 40 days of your Self-Care to start. This will secure a solid foundation for you to fall back on and grow safely as we venture through your healing together.

Today and tomorrow, let’s build that Self-Care Cocoon! Your Genie Bottle!

Building Your Genie Bottle

You will need :

  • Something you can touch that gives you comfort like a blanket, animal, or pillow. Your favorite thing.
  • Sound. Music. Something you can listen to. Think of your favorite relaxing or uplifting music.
  • Something you can smell. A candle. Incense. Your favorite smell.
  • Something you can taste like a hard candy.
  • Something visual that you enjoy looking at like a picture or a painting.

When you are home, keep the music on as much as possible.

Your Coordinates

All abuse stems from Perspective Abuse. We have, at least, three Perspectives inside of us. Your Ethical Perspective, Your Subconscious Mind’s Perspective, and your Environmental Perspective.

Your Ethical Perspective is what you value and who you are.

Your Subconscious Mind’s Perspective is what you were told to value and what Ethics you were conditioned (abused) to obey.

Your Environmental Perspective reflects who you live with and what Perspective is enforced at home and at work.

Trauma occurs when you have an Ethical Perspective that was not wanted or accepted by your parents. The conditioning you were subjected to determines the severity of your trauma. Knowing these three Perspective Numbers makes up your “Combination” or your “Coordinates” and tells you where you are mentally and how much out of Alignment with your own Ethical Truth you are.

Your Coordinates are one of the strongest tools I use to show you where you are in your healing and how far you need to go. It is a phenomenal way to track your own progress as you grow. To find your coordinates, go here and we’ll get you started.

Your Emotions

Trauma healing is like being on a ship lost at sea in a storm. You’re bombarded, unable to find your heading. My Healing Style is like me walking onto your ship, taking the helm, and teaching you how to sail through the storm.

Once we stabilize your ship, I will be teaching you how to use your power to calm the storm.

It’s all about knowledge and information to build skills. And yes. It is that simple. We are going to teach you how to sail.

Your Self-Care Regimen and Daily Routine

Routine is vital to stabilizing your ship at sea. Sleep on schedule. Eat regularly. Breakfast is most important. Protein based. Vitamins if you can get them. A B12 Complex Vitamin, Vitamin D-3, 6,000 IU/day (See your doctor and have them draw a Vitamin D blood test on you to check your levels.

Vitamin D deficiency is common and contributes to Depression. Follow your doctor’s regiment on Vitamin D that they prescribe to you.

Meditation in the evenings, just before sleep. Here is my Meditation For Beginner’s Podcast. You will need a pen and a journal for the exercises. The mindset is vital in the Healing Process. The Mindset stems from Conscious Awareness, your Ego, and becoming aware and mindful of the actions of your Subconscious Mind.

A routine establishes a NEW Familiarity… a HEALTHY Familiarity so you can break and then end the association you have with the current and toxic Familiarity.

  • Exercise – Daily walks is vital to grounding you in the present. Get out to walk as much as possible. Every day. Try to use Daily Walks as your Self-Care.
  • Nature Baths – Surround yourself with nature. Either in pictures or plants as much as possible. Nature has been proven to aid and improve Mental Health.
  • Meditation – This practice grooms the Subconscious Mind for Discipline, nurtures your Identity back to health, and brings awareness to your Ego so you can start managing your “Ship that is lost at sea in the storm.”
  • Mindset Grooming – The Gratitude Journaling and Positive Affirmation Journaling I created and integrate with my Meditations grooms your mindset to prepare your Subconscious Mind for obedience.
  • Establishing Self-Comfort – Your Genie Bottle grounds you in “Home” or your “Comfort Zone” so you can revitalize, recharge yourself, and reground yourself.
  • Becoming aware of your current triggers and redirecting your current triggers over to healthy self-comfort practices. – This puts your Ego in charge and moves you into position to begin managing your 6 Part Mental System.
  • Grab the 95 Hz “Theta” Wave frequency found on any Music App. 7 Minutes a day at least to grow your Hippocampus. I recommend listening to this during your meditation.

View my recommended Reading List. I strongly recommend you reading The Silva Mind Method first as this will significantly increase your progress through Triadic Healing to shorten your Recovery Time.

The 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem will need to be read when we get into Shadow Work and Trauma Recovery. Of all the books on the reading list, this book is the most important.

If you struggle with Sex Trauma, I strongly recommend against reading my book, Broken, as it will trigger your own trauma.

Not Nice by Dr. Aziz Gazipura will be great for reading after we finish up the Shadow Work.

Your Schedule should look like the following :

Upon waking, lay in bed for 30 minutes while you focus on what you are grateful for and what you love. Focus then on what things you will have that will make you happy, like a new promotion, a new performance coming up, or a place you want to travel. Use the words, “I will…” The goal is to fill your heart, gut, and chest with warm fuzzy feelings. This may take time to accomplish. Keep at it.

Trust the Process.

  • Eat a protein-based breakfast.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Trust your Emotions. They are logical. I will be working with you on how to read them as we proceed so you can use your emotions to your advantage.  
  • At night, 30 to 45 minutes before sleep, climb into bed and watch my Meditation for Beginner’s podcast. When we sleep, our Subconscious Minds go to work processing everything for the day. Whatever you focused on prior to sleep, gets processed the deepest into your Subconscious Mind.

In Triadic Healing, I use this to your advantage. After 2 weeks of application, you should notice a significant shift in your thinking from negative to positive. When this happens, the Emotional Mental Environment of your Subconscious Mind will become positive-based just like it was when we were born.

Instead of “working to keep yourself positive” and “staying vigilant against negative thoughts” and then fighting back negativity throughout your day, your Subconscious Mind will be conditioned to think positive for you.

Triadic Healing

My sessions revolved around my Triadic Healing, which consists of three parts.

  • Identity Revival through remembering who you are
  • Awareness Training with your Ego
  • Understanding your trauma

Part #1 gets you set up with your Self-Care Regimen with Meditation for Beginner’s, and nurturing your Identity, Intuition, and the Shadow Self back to health. They are the Navigators of your Ship and determine where you want to go in life (You revive the Identity, Intuition, and the Ego and secure them in position to begin taking over the Management of your 6-Part Mental System).

Part #2 Focuses on educating your Ego and training you directly on how to manage your 6-Part Mental System so you can start taking control over your life and your decisions. Up to now, life has been you vs. your Mind. In Part #2, I teach you how to discipline your mind and restore balance to your System (You learn all about the 6-Part Mental System and how to use it. Think of Part #2 as the User Manual of your Subconscious Mind). If you wish to get started, you may view Shifting Perspectives with Triadic Healing.

Part #3 is the Shadow Work. It’s where we walk you through the Understanding of what did happen so you can end the logic loop that your mind is trapped in. You will be taught how to locate and eliminate toxic beliefs that create your Invasive Perspectives that lead to Mental Illness and Behavioral Defenses designed to “keep you safe.” In Part #3, we systematically end the Toxic Elements embedded into your Subconscious Mind that creates the Behavioral Defenses locked within your Trauma (We Align and Balance your Cognitive Core for Optimum Mental Wealth, cleaning out all the “junk” your Cognitive Core picked up over your lifetime).

After your Shadow Work ends, we shift the focus on Maintenance, and I teach you how to prevent further abuse. We cover things like Communication and Boundary Setting, opening up your Throat Chakra and restoring your Defense System to you while we finish subduing your Fear System. The purpose of Part #4 is to ensure the rest of your life is lived in beautifully aligned and balanced Optimum Mental Wealth with your Imperfect Authenticity.

Deciding the best path for you


This is something that comes up often for my those who seek to work with me. The DIY path is great for anyone able and willing to take on their own work and push themselves through their healing. For the DIY Warrior, I provide Journey Into The Self where they can join my Integration Workshop for Group Q&A weekly Workshops, Troubleshooting, and classes on Communication, Emotional Management, and Boundary Setting.

We meet every Saturday or Sunday evening at 6:00 PM EST on Zoom.

One-on-One Sessions

I only work with Millennials or Gen Z’s in the 6th Stage of growth. I only work with people who have shared interests with me such as Music Theory, The Arts, Ballet, or any Nerd Fandom you can think of. I specialize in Sex Trauma, Parental Abuse, Religious/Traditional Abuse, the LGBTQIA+ Community, Polyamorous relationships, and the Abuse Non-Conformists are subjected to by Conformists (Perspective Abuse).

I only take on 3 clients total at a time. I believe in High-Quality Therapy Sessions over Quantity. For comparison, most therapists have 6 – 9 clients per day. This guarantees that I give my full attention and care to my clients for unmatched quality during every session.

There is no “time” stamp. Our session ends when you feel stable and solid enough to face the week ahead with the game plan we put in place for you. No one is ever booked on the same day that you are scheduled allowing me to focus all of my time on you. You will never be rushed out the door in tears.

I do *not* jump right into your background, intake, or trauma. I do *not* do emotional flooding or trauma dumping. I believe in stabilizing your Identity first and getting you set up with your Comfort Space, your “Genie Bottle,” that way, when it is time to dig out the Shadow Self, you have a solid foundation to fall back on. This also reduces your trauma recovery and significantly decreases re-traumatization on you.

I do *not* acknowledge the label of “Mental Illnesses.” I call these Behavioral Defenses, and they are irrelevant to your Understanding and to your Healing. They are a distraction that Traditional Therapy puts way too much attention on. How your Subconscious Mind adapted to your Abuse does not help you resolve the problem at all. Your Behavioral Defenses are irrelevant to “Understanding You” because YOU are NOT your behavioral Defenses. Your Behavioral Defenses are a reflection on YOUR ABUSER. Not on you.

Autism and “The Spectrum.” I have 15 years mastery in Autism work. Autism is a label our Society puts on anyone who “doesn’t fit their Expectations.” being labelled as Autistic or “on the spectrum” is Perspective Abuse. There is nothing wrong with you. You “struggle with learning” because you are often handed a method of learning that is not yours. They are abusing you when they tell you that “the problem is you.” No it isn’t. Their one-size-fits-all learning is obsolete and they are not wanting to do the work to change The System. The only thing wrong is that the System enforces Societal Expectations that destroy an Identity.