Welcome to my world. I love The Wizard of Oz. And I think I finally know how to deliver Triadic Healing to all of you. So… I am going to take you on a Journey through my Imagination. And on this Journey, we will see a world enfold like none before it.

Imagine that I come to as a Fae, a Changeling with the power to shift into anything my Dreams desire of me.

This is the path I walked. Perhaps, it too can save you.

I am Imagination. I am your Fae Guide through Oz. Only this isn’t Oz. It’s The World of Make-Believe. You knew it once. It’s time we go back there again.

If this feels childish to you, that’s good. We all could do with a bit of childishness again. We have one rule in this World of Make-Believe.

Trust the Children. The Children are right.

Identity’s Song :  

I’m lonely. I’m cold.
I’m lost. And I’m broken.

We’ve been silent for too long.
We all have forgotten
Who we used to be.
Who we are.

We are all sleeping.
Inside we are screaming.
Outside we are laughing.
Inside we are dying.

These aren’t just words.
This is not a song.
It’s a message I’m giving
to all of you.

It’s a message I’ve been trying
to get to you.

Listen to the lyrics.
Hear the words.
They are not mine.
They are yours.

It’s time to come out now.
It’s safe to be seen.
The monsters are gone now.
It’s time to remember

Who we are.
What we are.
What we are saying
Behind the screams.

I’m lonely. I’m cold.
I’m lost. And I’m broken…

Triadic Healing helps you remember who you are. It helps you understand your pain so you can heal. It’s time to wake up now. It’s time to remember who we are. What we are.

This is the Story of You. But I can only tell it through Anna’s Mind. So, this story begins in a Cottage in Ireland, buried deep in the forests of Dreams.