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Once you have completed everything under “Getting You Set Up,” you are all set to dive into Triadic Healing! Your day will consist of the following:

  • Stay in bed and Meditate on Gratitude and Manifestation… Be thankful and dream, focusing on the feelings. Try and stay in bed for 30 minutes. Focus on the Feelings. Memorize the Feelings.
  • 8:00 AM EST I am on YouTube every morning doing “Shifting Perspectives” and Triadic Healing” classes with announcements and videos. Or Anna will be in Anna’s Lounge, casually reflecting on the day’s lesson. On your morning work commute, grab the day’s classes!
  • Meditation For Beginner’s is recorded in the afternoon. That video is to be done by you every night. Just Before sleep, grab your journal and the day’s Meditation and Self-Care Regimen with journalling!
  • And, on Thursday Nights, at 6:00 PM EST, join me for our integration Workshop, “Journey Into the Self” for the Open Q&A, Troubleshooting, and Classes on Zoom! Available for Members only!

A word on Assignments : As I assign them in the Triadic Healing Course, do them. Your success with Triadic Healing is 100% contingent upon how much you integrate Triadic Healing into your lifestyle.

This concludes your Onboarding! You are set to begin! In May 2024, we are releasing The Healing Garden App to help remind you and track all of this for you with greater ease!

Grab one of Anna’s Field Trips and kick your Triadic Healing Lifestyle up to a different level!

Welcome to The Healing Garden! Here is the Welcome Letter.