“Educate. Guide. Heal. Maintain.

To provide people with a superior alternative to resolve and manage mental health in the United States than what is currently available.

To re-structure the way we approach Mental Health, Trauma Recovery, and Wellness by changing the way we approach the Subconscious Mind and Mental Health in the US.

To provide the Common Man with DYI Mental Health tools that they can use to heal themselves without the aid of a therapist or a system designed to enable only the system.


To get philosophy and psychology into every school.

To make “Emotional Dissonance” mainstream in our homes and our lives.

To build self-sustaining Healing Homes for the Homeless Community and women in need of a stable, healthy environment to heal while they start their life over.

I believe in world peace! I believe that we will see it in this lifetime! Help me get there. I know how.

#OperationWorldpeace Help me build this world into what we want. – Anna Imagination

The Healing Garden Creed

  1. Humility is the First Step to Recovery. Not Awareness.
  2. Prioritize the Safety and Freedom of the Self.
  3. Honor and Respect the Freedom of others.
  4. Protect your Perspective. Protect your alignment. It is your most valuable part of your Self.
  5. Come here to learn and to know your Self. Always be willing to learn all you can on the Self.
  6. Conflict, Suffering, and Pain is the Universe telling you that you have inner healing to do.
  7. Responsible Healing. Responsible Living.
  8. Choose to educate yourself and take responsibility for your healing.
  9. Preserve the Energy Pool. Be mindful of the Energy Pool and protect it.
  10. Emotions are logical and are to be accepted as a valuable part of the Self.