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The Abuse-Proof You

The primary reason abuse occurs is because we are not educated properly on what abuse actually looks like on the inside. We are not educated on what is being done to us when abuse happens. We are not educated or trained on what to do to mitigate abuse or how to deter the mental side […]

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Intuition, Subconscious, and You

We are going to dive deep into the TRIAD of Healing! Your Subconscious Mind, which is responsible for 95% of your life and choices, your Intuition, and YOU, the Conscious Mind. I cover how these three parts of you work together (and against each other), and how you can use them to Fortify your Identity […]

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The Narcissist: The Modern Slave Owner

On 20 June 2023, we will be revisiting the Narcissism and the Empath topic for Part #2 - The Narcissist: The Modern Slave Owner. This is a continuation of Part #1: The Narcissist and The Empath Series: Script, Stage, and Players. More info coming soon. This will be an Online Zoom Workshop. Ticket holders and […]

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