Welcome to The Healing Garden’s Self-Care Regimen!

Our Mission is to Revive your Identity and Intuition by Raising your Conscious Awareness through Philosophy. My Online Courses provide direction and instruction for those who need help… “Subduing” their Subconscious Mind.

Below, is a list of Healing Exercises I composed to help you Nurture your Identity. It is imperative that you do them every day.

Consistency is key. Your first goal should be for 40 Days.

Once you hit 40 days, I’m going to tell you that this is not a habit. It is a lifestyle. And it needs to be done EVERY day.

How It Works

You will need a pen and paper or a journal. Do this every day.

Scroll through the list and read the assignments. The purpose is to define your Identity.

  1. Daily Gratitude Journal. Gratitude is the opposite of Scarcity and Fear.
  2. “I Am…” Define The Self.
  3. Meditation for Beginner’s… Join Anna for this daily Meditation.
  4. Build your Bucket List. Envision a brighter future. This is where Hope Threads are born.

Do you need daily guidance, motivation, and an accountability partner? Become a Healing Garden Member and get Full Access to The Healing Garden with “Journey Into The Self.” Anna’s provides Guidance for Members, Monday through Friday.