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All of us were abused with the “One Size Fits All” Mindset. No matter how you cut it, we were abused for one of two (or both) reasons:

  • Someone was making us fit into their expectations of us.
  • Someone who was made to fit into the expectations of others felt out of control and projected their lack of control onto us… forcing us to fit into their expectations exactly as they were forced to fit into the expectations of others.

How this was done is irrelevant. The “why” is what matters.

We all received, one clear message: We all must be the same. To LGBTQIA+, Non-conformists, Ethereal Walkers, and Visionaries, this forced Conformity is PAINFUL and results in Behavioral Defenses that your Subconscious Mind created “To keep you safe.”

It is the type of abuse you received that dictates which Behavioral Defense you developed. It is the Toxic Belief your Subconscious Mind learned and adopted to create an invasive Perspective so you would conform to the expectations of others.

Each Mental Illness has its own predictable Toxic Belief.

  • Stage #1 of Abuse – Creates the Behavioral Defense.
  • Stage #2 of Abuse – Attacks and suppresses your Identity and your Defense System to prevent it from interfering with the Behavioral Defense.
  • Stage #3 of Abuse – Alters your memory so you, The Ego, Cooperates with the Behavioral Defense.

When Anna Imagination had Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder), Anna used her Alters to explore, observe, and examine the Subconscious Mind. She reverse Engineered the Subconscious Mind and Mental Illness. She did this with 28 years of Psychology, Philosophy, and Sociology. Every one of her Alters could observe the Subconscious Mind from alternative Perspectives with her education and informed knowledge base.

All Abuse is Perspective Abuse.

Anna knows how to break down and Discipline your Subconscious Mind, revive your Identity, restore your Defense System, and Reinstate The Ego. She knows why you have Behavioral Defenses and what exactly happened in your Subconscious Mind that keeps you behaving in a way that prevents you from functioning without the disfunction.

Why doesn’t Traditional Therapy Work?

Traditional Therapy does not work for 2 reasons.

1 – Traditional Psychology is built entirely off of the theories of a 19th Century Medical Doctor who lacked the 2,000+ year foundation of Classic Psychology. That Foundation is Philosophy. The Study of The Ego, The Identity, Ethics, and The Archetype.

2 – Traditional Therapy is designed by the “Common Perspective” and has the ulterior motive to keep you conformed to its societal requirements so you keep working for the System. Their goal is to “placate you just enough” so they can keep using you. They tell you things like, “Mental Illness has no cure,” and “You may have to take meds for the rest of your life,” and “You may need therapy for the rest of your life.” This is Societal Gaslighting designed to lower your expectations of recovery so you don’t question expensive, on-going therapy sessions that don’t work while they pump you full of meds to make you obedient and indifferent to their process.

Traditional Therapy is designed to keep you from asking any questions. Their success rate, in some cases, is less than 12%. And no one asks why. Except The Healing Garden.

Why doesn’t Holistic Methods Work?

Holistic Methods address Mindset, but neglect the Subconscious Mind. Holistic Methods are fantastic for Mental Maintenance, but they are no match for a Subconscious Mind that has been hi-jacked and has mutinied against your Identity, your Ego, and your Defense System.

I use Holistic Methods in all of my programs. But Holistic Methods address 1/3rd of the problem.

How The Healing Garden is Different

The Healing Garden uses Classic Psychology based on Philosophy, Holistic Methods, and Education. We train your Ego how to manage your System while we restore your Identity using Holistic Methods and Discipline your Mind using Philosophy-Based Psychology.

Traditional Therapy examines the Ego’s Behavior to try and determine what the Subconscious Mind is doing. The Healing Garden examined the Subconscious Mind to determine what the Subconscious Mind is doing and why.

You have three Life Titans inside of you:

  • Your Identity
  • Your Subconscious Mind
  • Your Ego

Your Identity is supposed to be navigating your life. It requires Holistic Methods strategically used to revive it.

Your Subconscious Mind is an AI. It is a non-sentient machine designed only to keep you safe. And it will go to great lengths to do so. It will betray you. Mutilate you. Suppress you. Even kill you if it detects an inability to keep you safe. It measures its ability to do so with “Hope.” The Subconscious Mind requires an Ego with Strategy, Knowledge, and Tactic to Discipline it.

Your Ego is You, the Conscious Awareness. Its purpose is to manage your Internal System. You require education to get this done. But our Society keeps the required information away from you so that it can control you. An uneducated individual is much easier to control than “one who knows better.”

The Healing Garden provides Intellects, Non-Conformists, LGBTQIA+, and Visionaries with all the tools required to achieve Authentic Living, Manifestation, or improve your Mental Health. Learn more about Anna’s Method.

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