Due to high demand, which puts limits on Anna’s schedule, Anna is highly selective on who she works with.

Anna is first and foremost, a Logician and a Philosopher. She uses her knowledge to Mentor Followers (Discipuli) on The Philosopher’s Handbook For Life : From Birth to Death and everything in between, including career building and networking.

To work with Anna is to become her Student in Life Philosophy.

What you get when you work with Anna

When Anna accepts a Discipulus, it is a life-long commitment. Anna’s Discipuli gain full access to her philosophy and work. They are first to receive and try out her newest content and breakthroughs. They gain full access to her Network as well as guided, step-by-step diagnoses on building of their Career.

Anna takes her Discipuli from Trauma to Talking Out to Taking Action through Philanthropy, Career, Fame, and Fortune. For this reason, she is in high demand.

Anna is INTENSE, Passionate, Driven, LOGICAL, focused, DIRECT, BOLD, blunt, and without Filter. She is Professional and Street, living up to the reputation of New Yorker. She will say PRECISELY what you and your Subconscious Mind needs to hear exactly when you need to hear it. Anna has no bed-side manner. She and you have been through too much to tip-toe around the point. The point is PRECISELY where Anna will take you.

Anna does not adhere to the Social rules or Societal Expectations of propriety. Anna adheres to her own Ethics. To work with Anna is to become just as bold, blunt, direct, logical, and as focused as she.

What kind of Personalities and Energy does Anna work with?

You must be High Energy, DETERMINED, Passionate, and ACCOUNTABLE. You are responsible for 100% of your trauma after 12 to 15 years of age. This is a HARD TRUTH that EVERY trauma survivor MUST accept. How fast you recover DEPENDS SOLELY on how much YOU RESIST this fact.

You must understand that Triadic Healing™ is not a passive hobby or a “thing” you’re doing around your day job. Triadic Healing™ is a LIFESTYLE. It will and does consume your life and then it BECOMES your life. And then you get BETTER FAST. It is the first thing you think on when you wake up. You integrate Triadic Healing™ into every aspect of your life until it is a part of you.

At full integration, you are constantly mindful and vigilant about the words coming out of your mouth and you actively work to change the negatives over to positives.

Your Mindset, going in is Passion, desire, EXCITEMENT! Anna steers the Engine, but YOU have to FUEL IT with your PASSION. You KNOW the problem is inside of you, and you know that Anna will teach you how to sort out the parts of your mind that are AUTHENTICALLY YOU from the parts of your mind that are INVASIVE ABUSE.

You will challenge your Subconscious Mind. You will embrace and accept and open yourself to change, vulnerability, and fear. You will get VERY WELL acquainted with your EMOTIONS.

You will consciously walk into fear and prepare to pull up that monster at the roots. You will prioritize your Mental Health and your Authentic Self above all else. You will roll up your sleeves and demolish all people pleasing and the submissive “shrinking” mindset inside of you.

You will accept your weaknesses and turn them into your strength. You will not argue. You will submit to Triadic Healing™ and accept Anna as your Mindset Master and Mentor.

Arguing is not tolerated. To those people Anna says, “If you think your way is better, then please, by all means, you fix your life and stop wasting my time.”

Anna’s only agenda and priority is YOU. Reviving YOU and YOUR voice to articulate and advocate for YOUR DREAMS and Opinions.

Your faith and loyalty to religion, your god(s), your Narcissists, your abusers, your Parents all have no Authority or place in Triadic Healing™.

In Triadic Healing™, your Self, your Values, your Ethics all come before all else and Anna will ensure that you prioritize your Self, Values, and Ethics above all else so that you restore YOUR VOICE.

This is not a road for just anyone.

Anna’s Discipuli graduate to become Anna’s Elite who live the dream life among the First Class.

Your Prerequisites:

Payment of any program must be paid in full. If you are not able to do this, consider looking into Anna’s DIY Group Workshops.

Forget everything you think you know about Modern Psychology, Religion, Spirituality, and the World. Here, only Physics, the Self, Geometry, Imagination, Art, the Energy, and Logic are the Order.

A reminder that Modern Psychology, Religion, Spirituality, and the World are what caused and/or added to your Mental Illness (Triadic Healing™ reveals and logical shows you how they all did this).

  • Listen to Learn. This means to listen only with the intent to internalize and absorb information.
  • Open Mind. Be open to accept any and all Philosophies and concepts presented to you. Everything is 100% Logical and Scientific. A close mind is a prejudice mind and listens only to fight in order to resist change.
  • Ask Questions (Socratic Method)

You must be an Artist or a Creative of any level. Music is preferred.

No medications or prescriptions. Anna’s methods use Triliminals™ (Neuroscience Created Positive Affirmations), Meditation, and Havening.

You must desire to be a Freelancer or Entrepreneur.

You must be prepared to leave the Society. If you are going to stay true to the Government, Society, the day Job, or Tradition, you will be a poor fit for Triadic Healing™

You must be PASSIONATE about Learning and Education. If you do not value Learning and Education, Triadic Healing™ is not for you.

You must be aware that this kind of Life Transformation, in most cases, means that you will lose your current family, network, friendships, and/or romantic partner(s). If you build a life and community around your mental illness, you shed the enabling mentally ill support that you have been getting when you grow into a healthier mindset.

If you are EXCITED about Triadic Healing™ and you are READY to jump in TOMORROW for a TAKE ACTION Call with Anna and you can check off all the requirements, book your TAKE ACTION CALL now.