Thank you for taking the time to schedule your Discovery Call!

I want to officially welcome to The Healing Garden!

At this point your should have:

  1. Obtained your “Combination” so you know your Coordinates. Go back to the
  2. You have Booked Your Discovery Call
  3. You have Registered for Upcoming Classes and/or Workshops!
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Next Stage!

Let’s get you started with your Healing Journey Plan!

This next stage is designed to do five things:

  1. Open up your Communication System
  2. Revive and Awaken your Identity
  3. Soothe and Reassure your Fear System
  4. Build your Comfort Zone the *right* way
  5. Emotional Management and Navigation

To get this done, you will need the following, which are already in place for you:

  1. Daily Self-Care Regimen
  2. Healing Meditation For Beginners
  3. ASMR and Positive Affirmations
  4. Emotional Management Classes
  5. Communication and Boundary Setting Classes

You also have the option to purchase Membership to “Journey Into The Self,” which is a (mostly) daily Workshop that provides reminders, support, Q&A, Troubleshooting, Guidance, Accountability, Games, Motivations, and Activities designed to Integrate the material you learn and to keep you on track.

Get Journey Into The Self workshop for the full integration of Triadic Healing for $140/month or $1,200/year