Pain is one emotion that has eluded me the most all my life.

Understanding Pain as an emotion is the core to understanding the Rorschach Print Perspective. Simply put, all emotion, including Pain, is a direct result of the alignment (or the misalignment) of the Cognitive Core.

What is the Cognitive Core?

The Cognitive Core is the System that runs and operates our subconscious and oversees our Identity and our Perspective; two massive players in our Emotional Health.

The Cognitive Core is made up of Five Elements:

Ethics + Beliefs + Actions + Words = Perspective

The Cognitive Core constantly measures our Alignment of these five elements and it uses emotions to communicate the health of our Cognitive Core.

Emotions are LOGICAL.

When misalignment or contradiction occurs, The Cognitive Core produces the emotion “Cognitive Dissonance,” which can be as subtle as discomfort, or as great as pain. Pain can be so severe, so chronic, or prolonged that it re-wires the Nervous System. This is when PTSD and Trauma occur.

Look over the diagram below:

Point A is our Comfort Zone. Please note: NO GROWTH occurs in the Comfort Zone. Our Comfort Zone is strictly “what is familiar.” The Comfort Zone is not safe.

It takes Exposure to new things to SENSITIZE yourself and build up a NEW and healthy familiarity.

You can have BOTH Comfort and Discomfort AT THE SAME TIME.

Just because you “turn up” the comfort on one thing, does not mean you have eliminated Discomfort or Pain on another. You have to also turn down the Discomfort. There is only one way to turn down your Discomfort. Through Identity Alignment as taught in the Rorschach Print Perspective.