My rates are $2000 / Month with Weekly Sessions ($500 / Session).

I only work with Millennials or Gen Z’s in the 6th Stage of their growth.

I only take on 3 clients at a time. I believe in High-Quality Therapy Sessions over Quantity. This guarantees that I give my full attention and care to my clients for unmatched quality during every session.

There is no “time” stamp. Our session ends when you feel stable and solid enough to face the week ahead with the game plan we put in place for you.

I do *not* just jump right into your background, intake, or trauma. I do *not* do emotional flooding or trauma dumping. I believe in stabilizing your Identity first and getting you set up with your Comfort Space, your “Genie Bottle,” that way, when it is time to dig out the Shadow Self, you have a solid foundation to fall back on. This also reduces your trauma recovery and significantly decreases re-traumatization on you.