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The Milestones of Healing

Any Mental Condition has a list of checkpoints required to maintain and balance your system. Here is what The Healing Garden recommends to get to your Optimum Mental Wealth:

  • Nurture and Support Your Identity’s Freedom to Define itself.
  • Nurture and tune into your Intuition to know when you need to act, deter, or wait.
  • An educated, Consciously Aware, and mindful Ego to manage and attend to the Inner Workings of your Mental System
  • A Disciplined Subconscious Mind that works so efficiently, it is quiet and goes mostly unnoticed by your Ego.
  • A Balanced and Aligned Cognitive Core free of Toxic and Limiting Beliefs.
  • The absence and removal of all Invasive Perspectives that misalign your Cognitive Core
  • An Ego that is fully aware of the proper reception and execution of your Emotional Management System with which to run and operate your Cognitive Core and Mental System.
  • A Fear System that is completely de-activated
  • A Positive Mental Emotional Environment that cultivates optimism, opportunity, and joy and that is void of Mental Illness and The Fear System.
  • A strong, healthy, Defense System that is free to convert Anger into effective, assertive Communication and Boundary setting.
  • The healthy integration and internalization of the Core Ethics of Authenticity in the appropriate order as determined by our Authentic Ethical Age.

This list contains everything we cover at The Healing Garden, designed to get you to Optimum Mental Wealth. Based on your selections and priorities, below is the best path we have selected for you to get you there.

Mapping Your Path Through Your Journey

Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance is the most common, most important emotion. And is the emotion Traditional Psychology has shelved and ignored. It is rarely discussed among professionals, yet it is the core to all human suffering.

Cognitive Dissonance is the Emotion we feel when we experience “Contradiction” or “a lack of logic.” We feel Cognitive Dissonance when we see Dichotomy, Oxymorons, or receive information that simply “doesn’t make sense.” 4th Perspectives hate Cognitive Dissonance, which is why they use “boxed” thinking to try and make sense of Cognitive Dissonance. They are avoiding the uncomfortable feeling of Cognitive Dissonance.

To resist Cognitive Dissonance instead of Understanding it is to Abuse the Perspective of others.

Cognitive Dissonance is not Confusion. Cognitive Dissonance is simply the feeling in your gut when you know that 2+2 does NOT equal 4. It’s your body screaming, “That doesn’t make sense!” … But in the Passive or Avoidant’s case, they say nothing. They just sense the illogical or ill-reasoning in their gut, but they say nothing.

Cognitive Dissonance is the source of ALL pain. 100% ALL pain. It is the feeling you experience with betrayal. It is the feeling you get when an action or behavior of yourself or another contradicts your core belief. It is the feeling you get when someone forces a toxic belief into you that contradicts your desires, wants, and wishes. It is the feeling you get when someone violates your core Ethics.

In 100% of all cases where Cognitive Dissonance is most severe, Mental Illness develops. Mental Illness is the Subconscious Mind’s attempt to correct the Cognitive Dissonance. “If I can’t correct the ill-logic, then I will change my behavior around the ill-logic.”

Mental Illness is a conditioned behavior to conform to insanity.

Insanity is Cognitive Dissonance.

Isn’t that right, Alice?

Triadic Healing teaches you how to locate, identify, and correct the Cognitive Dissonance in your Mind.

Triadic Healing : The Outline

Nurture The Identity

  • Getting Ready
  • Self-Care Regimen
  • Individual : We are not One. We are Many. The 6-Part Mental System
  • Your Identity. Your Authority.
  • The 12 Stages of Growth
  • The Nurturer. The Provider.
  • The Pain From Within vs. The Pain from Without
  • The First Ethic : Self-Comfort
  • Internalizing Ethics
  • Emotions : The Subconscious Mind’s Love Language
  • Emotions are Logical.
  • The Life Titans : Identity + Ego + Subconscious Mind

Understanding The Subconscious Mind

  • The 6 Parts of your Mental System
  • The Four Sources of Emotions
  • Authority + Power + Control
  • Identity + Ego + Intuition
  • The Fear System vs. The Defense System
  • Soothing your Fear System
  • Reviving your Defense System
  • The Second Ethic : Resourcefulness
  • The 5 Levels of the Subconscious Mind
  • The Cognitive Core
  • Perspectives and Processing
  • The 12 Stages of Growth
  • The 3-Stage Healing Process : Mental Exploration + Strategic Shadow Work + Normalizing
  • Perspective Abuse and Cognitive Dissonance

Discipline The Mind. Captain Your Ship.

  • The Shadow Self and Eliminating Toxic Beliefs
  • Soothing The Fear System + Nurturing Identity + Managing The Balance
  • Humility to Humbleness + Shame to Embarrassment
  • The Third Ethic : Accepting Your Weaknesses and Limitations.
  • Cleaning out your Mental Maze
  • Discovering You
  • The Fourth Ethic : You Can Self-Govern
  • Adventuring Into The Growth Zone
  • When you Venture Too Far
  • The Knowing + The Belonging + The Authority + The Naming + The Owning

Self-Accountability and Self-Awareness

  • Abuse-Proof You : Effectively Using Boundaries + Recognizing Red Flags
  • In Conclusion : On Your Own Adventure

Beyond Healing

  • The Philosopher’s Compass : Identity + Relativity + Creativity
  • Boundaries and Perspective Maintenance (Noise Cancellation : Audience + Advice)

The Lessen Videos

Part #1

These titles listed below are videos scheduled to appear in order as listed below through Shifting Perspectives with Triadic Healing

Onboarding and Getting You Set Up

The Itinerary

Getting Started : The Right Mindset

A Word To The Trauma Survivor : What Was Done To You

Healing or Authenticity? Finding Your Story. (Shifting Perspectives : Special Edition)

Building Your Self-Care Regimen

Triadic Healing. Getting Started with the Naming. The Article

Priority : Making Mental Health Yours.

Mindsets :

The 4 Stages of PTSD

  • Cruel and Inhuman Expectations
  • Servant Slave : The Martyred Giver
  • The Self-Loathing The Failure
  • Full System Failure Shut-Down and Spiraling
  • Self-Love + Self-Compassion
  • Boundaries : The shield outside of your Buffer Zone

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The 5 Core Ethics : The Parenting You Didn’t Receive

  • Your Very Own Genie Bottle
  • Comfort + Growth Zone + The Dark Abyss of The Fear Zone
  • The First Ethic : Self-Comfort … What our Mother’s Failed To Teach Us
  • What is Self-Comfort?
  • Emotions : The Subconscious Mind’s Love Language
  • Emotions are Logical.
  • What are Emotions? What are they for anyway? Watch this video
  • Emotions 101 – Read this Article
  • Emotions : Your “Check Engine Light” of your Mental Health
  • Emotional Management : Cognitive Dissonance – The Secret Emotion : Comfort vs. Discomfort vs. Pain vs. Trauma
  • How to Self-Comfort You : Cognitive Dissonance

Triadic Healing

  • The Life Titans : Identity + Ego + Subconscious Mind
  • Identity, Intuition, And Your Love System
  • Self-Comfort, Grounding, Re-Charging your Energy
  • Self-Comfort *is* The Effective Management of Your Emotions
  • The Four Sources of Emotions :
    • Cognitive Core Emotions : Report on the Status of Your Processing
    • Fear & Guilt System Emotions
    • Identity & Intuition Emotions
    • Defense Emotions
  • Special Circumstance
    • Compound / Complex Emotions
    • Red Flag Emotions
  • Anxiety and The Addiction Cycle (Also for Binge Eating and Self-Mutilation)
  • All The Emotions :
    • 1 – Love and Anger
    • 2 – Fear and Anxiety and Panic Attacks
    • 3 – Guilt and Confusion
    • 4 – Grief and Disbelief – Scarcity and Abundance – Resistance and Acceptance
    • 5 – Rejection, Abandonment, Neglect, and Visibility

Finding Your Coordinates

  • Dr. Graves and The Lost Subject
  • What is Perspective?
  • Perspective Psychology – The 12 Ethics of Authenticity and how they Impact our Psychology
  • The Importance of Perspective : Perspective Wealth and Balance vs. Perspective Abuse
  • The Hidden Perspectives you don’t see in yourself

Step #3 – Part #2 – Finding Your Coordinates : The 12 Ethics of Perspective Growth : If We Had Been Raised Right… what would that look like?

  • Your Subconscious Mind’s Age
  • Your Parent’s Subconscious Mind’s Age
  • The Philosopher’s Child vs. The Neanderthal’s Child
  • Recognizing The Perspectives In Others

Step #3 – Part #3 – Finding Your Coordinates : Inside The Mind of Others : The Bully, The Narcissist, and The Abuser.

  • Why are we abused? Understanding The Psychology of Abuse
  • Inside The Bully Mindset
  • The Narcissist Pandemic
  • The Narcissist’s Stage : The Narcissist’ Communication System
  • The Players on the Narcissist’s Stage : The Apprentice + The Scapegoat + The Extras
  • The Doting Mother and How She Loves Her Children
  • Seeing Past the Book Cover : The three hidden Perspectives you don’t see in others.
  • “Curing” Mental “Illnesses” with Perspective Psychology : The Answer lies in what builds a Perspective

Step #3 – Part #4 – Finding Your Coordinates : Combination Theory

  • Your Combination : The First Number : Your Ethical Age (Who you REALLY are)
  • Your Combination : The Second Number : Your Subconscious Mind’s Age (How You Were Abused)
  • Your Combination : The Third Number : Your Environmental Age (The Perspective At Home)

Step #4 – Emotions and The Subconscious Mind

Step #5 – Triadic Healing Part #1 : The Age of Authenticity’s Guide to the Subconscious Mind

  • Understanding How Trauma Works
  • Perspective Abuse
  • Unsticking The Mind
  • The Importance of Closure

Step #5 – Triadic Healing Part #2 : The Age of Authenticity’s Guide to the Subconscious Mind

Below is a list of all the tools offered at The Healing Garden to ensure you are maintaining a healthy subconscious:

  • Resistance (Avoid) vs. Acceptance vs. Possess (Control)
  • Five Stages of Change (Not Grief)
  • Shifting Focal Points from “Problem” to “Gratitude and Abundance.”
  • Comfort – Discomfort – Pain – Trauma Scale
  • Abuser-Bully-Trauma Prevention and Identifying Abuse from the “inside.”
  • The Rorschach Print Perspective
  • Cognitive Dissonance and The Five Elements of Identity
  • Self-Care Regimen
  • Emotional Management Plan (Authentic Emotions, Motivator Emotions, Abuser Emotions)
  • Confidence and Empowerment Classes
  • Demystifying the Subconscious – The Roadmap to the Subconscious
  • “Identity” = Voice + Name + Emotions
  • Manifestation – The Subconscious Mind and Manifestation

Links, workshops, and worksheets, coming soon…

These tools are included with our Masterclasses.

Step #6 – Shadow Work

Before we begin this section, be sure you have read The 6 Pillars of Self Esteem by Nathaniel Brandon from the reading list.

Part #1 – Preparing for War

  • Shadow Work – The Cognitive Core
  • Shadow Work – The Players
  • Shadow Work – The Five Levels of the Subconscious Mind
  • Shadow Work – The Subconscious Layout
  • What Grief Really is
  • How Abuse works in the Cognitive Core
  • Coping Styles (Self-Care)
  • Emotions
  • The Identity: Name + Voice + Emotions

Part #2 – Kicking Down the Doors

  • The Motherless Child
  • The Monster
  • Rewriting History
  • Authority and Power and Control
  • Soothing the Child: Validation
  • Taking back your Name
  • Taking back your Voice
  • Toxic Belief Rejected
  • New Belief Restored
  • Perspective Adjusts Accordingly

Part #3 – Recover and Take in the View

  • Immediate Self-Care
  • Reiki Healing + Mantras + Manifestation
  • Meditation
  • Celebrating the Self and the Identity
  • Sit with it
  • Processing
  • Enjoying the View with a new pair of lenses
  • Preparing for the next door

Step #6 – Triadic Healing : The Shadow Self and The Healing Cycle Unsticking Your Cognitive Core Processing

Part #1 – Introduction and Your Goals.

  • Mission and Mindset…
  • Your Identity,
  • Positive Affirmations,
  • Self-Care
  • The Big Picture
  • Imagining The End

Part #2 –

Emotional Management.

Using Your Emotions For your advantage

Part #3 – Demystifying The Subconscious Mind: Turning Off Your Fear System and Turning On Your Defense System

Part #4 – Shadow Week and Busting Toxic Beliefs

Part #5 – Abuse-Proofing You

Part #6 – The Knowing, The Belonging, The Authority

Part #7 – Integrating Your Masterclass. Juggling your Mindset with your Lifestyle. Coping With Change and Loss that comes with Growth.

Part #8 – Manifestation, Mindset, Keeping the Subconscious Mind disciplined. Standing strong with you! Includes my Integration Workshop, Journey Into The Self to eliminate regression. How much is your Peace of Mind worth? Book Your Discovery call now and get started! See if our Masterclass is right for you!

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