Your Resource List

If you are ready to join The Healing Garden, proceed with onboarding. This is the enrollment process. It is as simple as this.

“In Simplicity there is Truth.” – Sir Isaac Newton

The Resources for The Healing Garden are as follows:

  • Subscribe to The Philosopher’s Fountain – This will get you on Anna’s Email List to receive all resources for The Healing Garden’s Triadic Healing (Please note, this is *not* Anna’s Elite).
  • News, Announcements, and Updates (Playlist) – This is the University Announcement Board so you always know what’s going on. Anna usually posts here on Sundays to keep everyone up to date on the week to come.
  • Shifting Perspectives For Triadic Healing (The Podcast) – The Only Lesson Room. Meditations, Manifestations, Triadic Healing, it is all under this Podcast. Comment or post your questions on any videos and Anna will answer. If you wish a more in-depth answer or a debate, you will need to Become a Member.
  • Anna’s Lounge : The Subconscious Dialogues (The Podcast) – The “Teacher’s Lounge” where Anna is available for Casual Class Follow Up. This space is for Guests to join Anna on select topics. Watch this video.
  • Meditation For Triadic Healing (The Podcast) – All Meditation Videos go here for easy access to your Healing. You will need a writing utensil and a Journal preferred. If you can, avoid the use of electronics. But… You do you! This is Authenticity remember? 😉
  • The Field Trips – The Field Trips are all about Application. Anna does not “do” one-on-one. She does not “do” Coaching. Anna is a Philosopher. And this is the University of Authentic Living. The Only way Anna is accessible to the public is through her Field Trips where you have the opportunity to join Anna for her Authentic Philosophy applied in the Real World alongside you.
  • Become a Member and gain access to Anna for Q&A and Troubleshooting every Thursday at 6:00 PM EST. Members Only.
  • Get your Reading List that Anna recommends for Triadic Healing
  • Go to your Music App and get the Theta Wave Frequency 95 Hz (any version will do) to be used 7 Minutes a day (To be used during Meditation For Beginner’s)
  • Have a topic you want discussed? Have a question you want to ask Anna? Add it to the Discussion List here.