“I say hey… I say hey… What’s Going On?”

In 1995, I began reverse Engineering The Human Condition on an Individual and Societal Level using Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology.

7 October 2023, my work concluded with the Completion of The Philosopher’s Compass. Now… With the Break down complete, I will be rebuilding my Work from Beginning (The Philosopher’s Compass) through the Stages of Fear and Growth,

We examine how Fear and Growth are related.

Discipuli are the followers or learners of a Philosopher.

Discipulus = Learner or Student of a Philosopher

Therefore, you are my Discipulus. That is your name. Discipulus.

My Discipuli begin with an introduction to The Philosopher’s Compass followed by their Combination Theory.

The Stages of Growth and Fear are introduced and we begin the process of learning and growing through the 6 Stages of Growth.

We begin with stage #1 – Self-Management and Mindset.

Understanding our Parents : The Cycle of needing to obtain the feeling of Control via artificial methods such as Internalizing, Enabling, Neglect, and/or Projection due to a lack of learning the 6 Stages of Growth

Emotions and Boundaries are Provided. Failure to do so leads to a lack of or destructive forms of Self-Comfort.

Behavioral Defenses that result are Addiction and Self-Harm.

With proper parenting, we should have learned this lesson prior to age 2.

Stage #2 is Defining our Creativity and Resourcefulness. Failure to do so, causes a default to a Co-Dependence upon a religion and/or the use and dependence on using people for Emotional Prosthetics.

With proper parenting, we should have learned this lesson prior to age 3.

My Discipuli are then introduced to the 6-Part of the Mental System. From there, we put together the Cognitive Core.

Stage #3 – Here, my Discipuli are introduced to … their own Power, where they learn and discover their own limitations. Failure to do so, results in Insecurity and Self-Doubt. This is where Projection and Internalization of Fear can and does propel out of control. Here, Growth and Fear conflict and, without proper balance, Growth becomes a thing to Fear. Here, most individuals project their need to control onto themselves or others to avoid accepting their own limitations. This is the stage where Fear of Growth and Fear of the Self develops.

Behavioral Defenses that result are Narcissist Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Co-Dependency.

Attention is giving to resolving Perspective Processing, removing Invasive Perspectives, and “resetting” The Cognitive Core. The Common Term for this is “Shadow Work.”

With proper parenting, we should have learned this lesson prior to age 4.

After resolving Perspective Processing, we move onto the 4th Stage of Fear and Growth. Our ability to Self-Govern without the use of Law and Order. Failure to internalize this lesson results in a dependency upon Law, Order, and Rules without Thought. Obedience and Enslavement without Question results. Left unchecked, the dependency on Law, Order, and Rules can develop into a need to project Law, Order, and Rules onto others. Hence, Conformity.

With proper parenting, we should have learned this lesson prior to age 5.

Once my Discipuli learn Self-Government, we move on to Accountability. This is where we learn to combine all 5 previous lessons and you build a Business that allows us to break away from the Societal Mindset. Here, Autonomy and Individuality Flourish alongside Creativity and, our Authority is finally restored to us.

Failure to do so results in our lack of awareness of how our actions affect others and the world around us. We never obtain our own Authority, forever keeping our discovery of Self-Power out of reach, resulting in a constant lack of control over our lives.

With proper parenting, we should have learned this lesson prior to age 6.

To resolve this lack of Authority, an individual resorts to Projection or Internalization of Control, as if forever seeking the comfort of Control in artificial practices instead of the Natural Achievement through Growth.

Upon the completion of the first 5 Stages of Growth, the Philosopher’s Compass is complete. The Individual is now ready to enter life balanced, aligned, and whole with their purpose.

Stage 6 is the final lesson of Part #1 and focuses on the Value of the Self alongside the application of boundaries to Preserve the Self. This sets the stage for Part #2 : Effective and Mastered Communication with the Regulation and Management of one’s Emotions and Ethics.

Triadic Healing is the Philosophical Healing, Course, and Walkthrough that presents, prepares, breaks down, and rebuilds the Human Condition so that my Discipuli achieve balance, alignment, Authenticity, Authority, all centered around their Defined Truth, making them INDEPENDENT FROM ANY SYSTEM BUT THEIR OWN.

This is the ultimate form of Self-Reliance and self-Preservation at harmony and in balance with The Defined Self.

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