The Subconscious Mind is an extraordinary thing. In selecting this option, something inside of you was pulled to this Calling. A part of you wants it. That is your Identity directing you. In Triadic Healing, we teach you how to identify and look for that feeling and how to use it to direct your life into the direction you want to go.

Your Ethical Perspective is most likely a 6, 7, 8, or 9. Anna recommends a full education on Triadic Healing for you. In Triadic Healing Part #1, you’ll determine what your Subconscious Mind Perspective is to see what obstacles may be keeping you from reaching your Ethical Perspective.

Triadic Healing For the World invites Lightworkers and Healers to help The Healing Garden to heal the world.


  • Watch the video above.
  • Review the Details below.
  • Decide if joining The Healing Garden for its Mission of World Peace and Global Healing is for you.

The Goal:

  • To Train and become a certified Healer as a Healing Garden Lightworker
  • To join in World Peace Manifestation Day
  • To Join Operation: Imagination in our Philanthropic Missions

The Three Parts of Triadic Healing For the World

  • World Peace Manifestation Day
  • Operation: Imagination
  • Lightworkers Training in Perspective Thinking and Triadic Healing