The Defined Cause of Mental Illness, Mental Disorder, and Mental Chaos and it’s Cure and Resolution by Angela B. Chrysler (AKA Anna Imagination) © All Rights Reserved

Welcome to those who seek Healing

Welcome to The Healing Garden, home of Anna Imagination’s Triadic Healing: The Three Part Healing Philosophy that Activates, Aligns, and Balances “all the parts of you” for Optimum Mental Health and Happy Living.

The Problem, Mental Illness, and the Solution

Knowledge is the key to altering a False Perspective (Point of View) from Toxic to Optimum Health. Most people don’t want to hear this, but Mental Illness, Poverty, and Poor Quality of Life is a Symptom of Poor Education, Ignorance, and a Lack of Knowledge that create all (Yes… ALL) Toxic, False, and Negative Perspectives.

Definition is everything.

Through Definition we know our Coordinates in the Universe. Understanding is only knowing Who we are in relation to our Defined Alignment: Our Truth.

When that Defined Truth or Alignment is lost, Mental Chaos and Confusion enfold. This leads to an inability to define danger and certainty. Mental illness is guaranteed.

We struggle through life with our undefined, lost coordinates not skilled enough to even find our own truth — not skilled enough to even know that we have lost our Coordinates or our Truth — making happiness improbable as fear grows and consumes us.

We grasp and latch onto people, events, jobs, and possessions like life rafts desperate to find the lost coordinates, and to define and name what we have lost. We drift and wander “looking for something” that we can’t even define.

We lack the knowledge and the skills to understand “what is wrong with us?” and “why can’t we be happy?” We think the problem is the abuse and the suffering we endured.

This is a False Belief and a Distraction from the real problem. This distraction prolongs our suffering. Abuse is only the cause of the problem. It is not the problem.

Focusing on the cause is like standing in the middle of a burning building while you discuss “who started the fire.” Therapists guide you through the conversation, intently focusing you on “who started the fire” as the building burns. The Healing Garden puts out the fire, and rebuilds the neighborhood. Queue up Fall Out Boy’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire.”

Insanity develops, and pain and suffering enfold.

Our Defined Self and Our Personal Frequency define our relative place in the Universe. These are our Coordinates and our Truth. When Our Defined Self and Our Personal Frequency are known to us, instantly, we can work out where we belong and where we are going.

Returning our Truth to us is as if we found the stars in the sky during a storm at sea. Immediately, that Truth gives us direction, heading, definition, location, and the skills to end the storm, calm the seas, and find the sunset so that we can sail through life enjoying the journey.

Once we realize what our Defined Truth is — Our Defined Self and Our Personal Frequency — we can eliminate all the unnecessary possessions and debris we once collected as life rafts in the storm. The more “life rafts” we abandon that are not aligned with our Coordinates, the more aligned we become to our coordinates.

TO DO THIS, I present Triadic Healing. My courses are designed to find you, define you, and guide you back to your Aligned Truth so you know your Coordinates to navigate through life.

What is Triadic Healing

Triadic Healing is Anna Imagination’s personal Life and Self-Love Restoration Program designed in Three Parts:

  1. Restore The Identity, the Self, and the Defense System. Define Your Frequency.
  2. Raise Conscious Awareness through Comprehension and Understanding.
  3. Override and Turn off The Subconscious Mind and The Fear System.

Our Goal is to get you into a Lifestyle that nourishes Optimum Mental Health so you can Pursue your Happiness with ease, joy, and comfort.

This is done using Basic Philosophical Concepts that were removed from our Educational System centuries ago. Basic Philosophical Concepts (Formal Argument and Deductive Reasoning) that eliminate False Beliefs.

Based on Anna’s Rorschach Print Perspective, Triadic Healing introduces your THREE LIFE TITANS:

  • Your Identity (Truth)
  • Your Subconscious Mind
  • Your Conscious Awareness

At The Healing Garden, YOU ACTIVATE your Conscious Awareness, allowing you to ACTIVATE Your Identity and begin taking an ACTIVE ROLE in your Life’s Safety so that you can FINALLY PURSUE YOUR HAPPINESS without interference from your Subconscious Mind.

This Video is Anna’s Official “Welcome Video.”

Learn all that we do here: our mission, our purpose, our goal.

“I will show you a different way to live.” – Anna Imagination

The Healing Garden Nurtures and Cultivates The Healing Garden LIFESTYLE that activates, aligns, and balances ALL THE PARTS OF THE SELF for optimal, peaceful, Intelligent Living.

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