This is a work in progress! Pardon our pixels. Anna is building a Garden for you.

Day #1 – Define Your Self Care Cocoon! 

Find things that ground you, that fill with you joy and build your safe space!

Fill your cocoon with music, candles, incense, blankets, favorite pillows! Make it YOURS. 

Remember the GOAL with your Self Care Cocoon is Grounding you, Re-energize you, and Comforting you. This is your Safe Space where you can let down your guard and relax! 

Day #2 – Your Self-Care Journal

Five things you love and are thankful for, every day! Five things you value that you bought or collected that define you! (No people).

Your “I AM” statements. Who are you? Define you! As many things as you can think of! Who are you?

Your Bucket List! Write down all of your dreams and the things you want, big or small! Awaken your Dreams! 

Day #3 – Find Your Coordinates! 

With today’s class, you learned about the 8 Stages of The Perspective Growth! What are yours? You should have your Ethical Perspective, your Subconscious Mind’s Perspective, and your Environmental Perspective! 

Which one is yours? Find your Coordinates! X-Y-Z. To view that list again, go to