I don’t sugar this. I don’t lie to you. I don’t seek to preserve your feelings at the expense of the truth YOU NEED to change. My priority is your healing. And I’m the Queen of the Darkness and the badass bitch WHO KNOWS HOW TO GET THAT DONE.

Therapists will be gentle. They will be quiet and meek around you. As if you’re a cancer patient laying on your death bed. But I know the truth. I know that YOU CAN HANDLE TRUTH. I know that when you tenderly tip-toe around Trauma survivors, YOU ENABLE THEIR VICTIM MIND.

I don’t do that bull shit.

I want your ANGER. And to get to anger, you need to see the TRUTH for what it is, so you will GET OUT of Victim Mind, Stand up to CHANGE, and go to war for your SELF! And I’m the Queen of the Darkness who knows EXACTLY how to get you OUT!

I do this with Trauma Truths. The sooner you know and realize Trauma Truths, you sooner you change your Perspective and you SHIFT into the Fire Stage of Change.

THAT is when you stand in your filth, and you CHOOSE to heal.

And I’m the one who will show you how to do it.

Take Control or Be controlled. Those are your choices.

When you’re ready to take control, I step into your life. I’m the bitch sent by the universe to teach the world how to heal. The Universe put me through 40 years of trial by fire, THEN put me through ANOTHER 2 1/2 years of HELL to ensure I learned the lesson WELL.

Meet my bitches: Trauma, Fear, and Darkness.

I’m Dominated their asses and now THEY serve ME.

Trauma Truth: If you sit around “waiting to be ready” for the “right time to heal,” you’ll live your life in the sewage and NEVER change. Because the life you have now, was MADE TO MAINTAIN AND PRESERVE your trauma. IT WILL NEVER CHANGE. The life you live RIGHT NOW is the way it is because DAY-AFTER-DAY you make the choices to KEEP IT.

Trauma Truth: Your life will change ONLY when YOU DECIDE that it is BETTER to TAKE CONTROL so you won’t BE Controlled.