Below is a list of all the tools offered at The Healing Garden to ensure you are maintaining a healthy subconscious:

  • Resistance (Avoid) vs. Acceptance vs. Possess (Control)
  • Five Stages of Change (Not Grief)
  • Shifting Focal Points from “Problem” to “Gratitude and Abundance.”
  • Comfort – Discomfort – Pain – Trauma Scale
  • Abuser-Bully-Trauma Prevention and Identifying Abuse from the “inside.”
  • The Rorschach Print Perspective
  • Cognitive Dissonance and The Five Elements of Identity
  • Self-Care Regimen
  • Emotional Management Plan (Authentic Emotions, Motivator Emotions, Abuser Emotions)
  • Confidence and Empowerment Classes (Goddess Training)
  • Demystifying the Subconscious – The Roadmap to the Subconscious
  • “Identity” = Voice + Name + Emotions

Links, workshops, and worksheets, coming soon…

These tools are included with our Masterclasses.