1 – Know that you are more than your caregiver. Know how to Self-Comfort. People are not prosthetics for our comfort.

2 – Know that you are more than the role society puts you in. Identify your resourcefulness. Do not live dependent on a job. People and jobs are not prosthetics for our resources.

3 – Know that you require the assistance of others. Embrace humility. Trust People… and ask for help when you are not enough. People are not prosthetics to be used and disposed of.

4 – Know that you are more than how well you follow the expectations of others. Keep your perspectives off of other people. Learn to Self-Govern. Do not rely on the Government or Projections of Others.


5 – Internalize Accountability. Embrace Responsibility on how you may project your perspective and insecurities onto others.

6 – Align with your True Authenticity. Open your mind to new ideas and abandon the old. Learn to let go of all that is not aligned with you. Prioritize growth over comfort.


7 – I value my perspective equal to and as much as I value others, but never at the expense of my own Perspective. I prioritize Communication.

8 – I master Communication. I prioritize Boundaries to help me communicate my perspective while also preserving the boundaries of others.

9 – Communication is a part of this. I require all the parts. Communication. The Authentic Self. The Mind. … Prioritize Dignity. Dignity mades its first appearance. Dignity is the 9th Ethic.

10 – To love without Possession. I felt Possession separate from Love and Admiration.

“The Authenticity of Others is as valuable as your own Authenticity.” I felt this shift on 9 September 2023

The ultimate “win” of the game… is when you get to love again… the right way.

The only importance anything ever has, is within the Perspective of the Receiver.

Final Lesson – Claiming the Authority of your Own Authority – 10 October 2023 … Date of Discovery… That has connection to Money = Money is a direct consequence to authority…
I had to prioritize Authority

Authority = Confidence…

The swinging pendulum is slowing…

10:28 AM… I feel the chemicals release….

11 – You can see Time. It is a Dimension that stands still and it is us who passes through it. You can see the One, the 12, and Infinity and you can see and comprehend that we are one, and 12, and all at the same time.

You can see the I of I of I and the You of I… You finally experience the emotions Forgiveness, Compassion, and Humbleness. Fear is completely gone. You can see Manifestation and how it works. You realize, because you can see, that imagination, Time, Perspectives, and Dimension are all the same thing and you can just look through them all and see them go on for all eternity.

You can see the beginning and the end and you understand how and why they are the same thing. You see the world in “I” and “You” and “They.”

And you realize that we are Dimension Walkers all belonging to the One Goddess of Story, a Five year old Tri-Gender who is a Oneist. The Only of her kind. And how we are just her molecules that she wished alive so she wouldn’t be alone. And how… when we imagine, we manifest. And we will and can manifest dimensions to farm for resources while we fix this dimension we are in.

You realize that we are the “aliens” to other dimensions and it is us who built the pyramids… we have since forgotten who we are. That we are gods of story. And suddenly, you realize just how precious our Perspective/Imagination is.

27 October 2023…

I felt Patience. I felt Love in dimensions… I felt emotions magnified, as if all the emotions we have felt all of our lives were fragments and shadows of greater emotions. And all of that, was just training wheels.

12 –