Of all the steps in Triadic Healing, this is the most important. This is the Game Changer.

Let’s get you started…

Your Six Part Mental System

You have six people inside of you. Not one.

The sooner you acknowledge and accept these people, the sooner your healing begins. When I say to you, “Name these people,” you name them.

Naming these people within you, gives them character, validity, placement… It makes them be Seen. It gives them priority.

All your life, others tell you what you should do. What you shouldn’t do. All your life, no one takes care of these 6 people within. I want you to take your favorite names in the world… Your three, most favorite names. It is time, for the Naming.


The first on your list is Identity.

Identity is your Wants, Dreams, Wishes, Hopes, and Love. Identity is all the Joy and Happiness you feel. Name Identity. Is Identity a boy? A girl? Without gender? Assign Identity a Gender. She (My Identity is a “She” so, I will be referring to Identity as a “She”) receives your most favorite name. The one name that encompasses all of your Want, your Dreams, your Desires, your Wishes, and your Hopes. All that you Love comes from Identity.

My Identity was once called Angel. Now, she is Imagination.

Identity’s only purpose is to Define herself through collecting Loves, Passions, and Interests.


The Second Name on your List is Intuition.

Intuition has only four words in her vocabulary:

  • Go
  • Stop
  • Learn (Wait)
  • Run

Intuition’s only purpose is to Guide Identity. Intuition is Instinct. She is the “gut” feeling that tells you when to act, do, stop, run, or wait. Identity wants, desires, and dreams, and Intuition pushes and pulls Identity, telling her when it’s time to act and to move.

Ego (Conscious Awareness)

What is your Given Name? Do you like this name? If you do, keep it! If you don’t, change it! This is YOU, your Ego, your Conscious Awareness. You are the Captain of your System. Your job and only goal should be to make sure Identity gets what she wants and that you move and act and do as Intuition pushes and pulls on you to move.


Your Defense System. Imagine this as the Warrior or Right Armed Guard of Identity. This Warrior can be a Valkyrie, a Soldier, a Barbarian. They are dressed in Armor. They have weapons and they stand at all times with Identity.

The Words that come from Defense are:

  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Annoyance
  • Caution
  • Jealousy

What gender is your Defense? What is their name? Pick a name that you love. Pick a name that embodies your Defense System and your internal Warrior. Your Defense System goes hand in hand with Identity and never leaves your System.


This is your Love System. This is YOU. This is who you are. Your Identity is your core. She is all that you are. Your Intuition, your Defense, and You live and move and exist to support, protect, and nourish Identity. Throughout Triadic Healing, your Ego will learn how to do this.

Moving on.


Your Subconscious Mind

Imagine a computer, a machine within your mind in charge of “Perspective Processing.” This is a robot with simple programming designed to run and operate your Perspective Processing efficiently.

Your Subconscious Mind is simple and highly logical. It needs a name and (if you wish it), a gender.

I will cover the Cognitive Core emotions shortly.

The Fear System

Imagine a small, panicked, terrified, immature child who worries about almost everything. When things go wrong, this individual hits the big “RED ALERT” button and sends everything into Over-Drive. Fear is its primary emotion. Fear is its only emotion.

Your Fear System needs to be soothed, reassured, calmed, and empathized with. Identity is the Fear System’s Mother. It is Identity’s job to soothe and reassure the Fear System. Your Fear System is either a child or a very immature adult, small adult.

Name your Fear System.

My Fear System is “Jerry” from Rick and Morty.


This concludes all the parts of your Mental System. You. Your Ego is responsible for Managing your 6-Part Mental System. But, in most cases, You are not aware of this process or the System involved. In most cases, You are curled up in the ship’s corner, shaking, whimpering, and lost. Your Identity, Intuition, and Defense System are bound and gagged in the ship’s brig. For most of us, it is the Subconscious Mind and the Fear System who are in charge, running around, hitting buttons, panicking.

And you, are curled up in the corner, shaking, scrambling to take care of others, and hold your life in the Material Plane together.

If you had a Narcissist Mother or Father in your life, and you battle with Guilt (Actually Shame), then you have two additional people inside of your system.

In most cases, it is The Narcissist and The Guilt System that has invaded our Systems. It is the Narcissist and the Guilt System who are running your Fear System. Your Fear System is taking orders from them and your Subconscious Mind is running an “Alternate Program” in an attempt to keep the System Operating.

So an “Invasive Program” is created by your Subconscious Mind to “keep your System Safe” because abuse and/or intolerance from your parents and/or abusers taught you that it isn’t safe to have your Love System in charge.


Triadic Healing is the process of removing The Narcissist and the Guilt System from your 6-Part Mental System. You will learn how to guide Identity to soothe your Fear System while you redirect your Subconscious Mind back to “Perspective Processing.” You will learn how to nurture and nourish Identity, Intuition, and the Defense System back into your System so they are in charge of your life and not your Fear System.

Are you ready to get started?