We have entered the time of The Great Remembering and we’re all waking up.

The Healing Garden centers around The Triad.

  • Heal The Self. Heal Each Other. Heal The World.
  • The Healing. The Celebration. Change The World.
  • The Identity, The Ego, The Mind.
  • However you choose to use the Garden for you, we provide it all.

The Healing Garden (The Healing)

Many come to The Garden seeking Belonging and Respite from their lives and abuse. Come in. Rest. Relax. Breathe easy. Shake the dust from the road. And when you are ready, Anna provides a number of Healing options for you. Remember. You cannot heal others until and unless you heal yourself. Triadic Healing is the road that Anna took for herself to get out of her Darkness to Authentic Free Living. If you seek to walk the same Healing Path as Anna, Triadic Healing is for you.

Join Anna on Tuesday Nights at 6:00 PM EST for her weekly Workshop and online Classes and Integrate Triadic Healing into your life.

Sunshine Imagination Adventures (The Celebration)

Anna embraces a life of Authenticity, Play, and Adventuring in Celebration to Define the Self. She lives and leads through example and she invites anyone who desires it to join her in the Celebration of Authentic Living. If you wish to join Anna in this Celebration, we have a number of journeys with which for you to choose from. Anna is Polyamorous, Queer, and Follows the Whims of the Universe where’er they may take her. She incorporates this Freedom in all she does from Elite New York City Play Parties, to Healing Getaway Resorts, or Live and Online Dungeons and Dragons Games that explore and nourish the Shadow Self through Imaginative Play.

World Peace : Operation Imagination (Change The World)

Anna has a plan to fix this broken world and get us to World Peace. She is working to unite World Leaders and Lightworkers around the world to sit down and organize, synchronize, and share plans. She has a plan herself, and she knows how to get us there. If you wish to learn more, Contact Anna about “Operation Imagination.” She has four resources available to drive this mission forward. Let her know which one(s) interest for you.

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