I was the little girl who was angry because I wasn’t a mermaid. Later, 20 years of “Shrinking” and Domesticated Abuse killed my dreams of Theater, Stage, Public Speaking, Opera performance, and Story Telling and turned me into a Reclusive Shut-In for 20 years, making me as silent as The Little Mermaid.

The most powerful impact my healing made on me was the return of my Voice. I never could watch The Little Mermaid the same way again.

Now, I dedicate my Triadic Healing™ to every Golden Voiced Little Mermaid who too was silenced from abuse, keeping them trapped in a life of Isolation and Loneliness.

Communication, Boundary Setting, Vocal Power, Imagination, all this and more is taken from us when they took our Voice away. It is my life purpose to give it back to you.

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