Oh, I love the Fire Stage of Change.

It’s that moment when you get SICK AND TIRED of sitting in the filth and “shrinking” and letting other people call the fucking shots.

It’s the moment you REALIZE that you have two choices: You can TAKE Control or BE Controlled.

That’s it. Victim Mind tells you “it’s rude to take control.” I say FUCK THAT SHIT. It’s rude to disrespect good and kind people. It isn’t rude to tell a Narcissist to “BACK THE FUCK OFF! HERE IS A BOUNDARY! Now fucking eat it!”


This is my Fire Stage of Change.

I’ve been cowering in Victim Mind for the last few years… since May 2021, actually. I MISSED the Fires Stage of Change. It’s my HAPPY PLACE!

Make it yours.

I’m not here to just heal you. I’m here to motivate you to stand! Hey you! You’re sitting in the sewage. I was raised and raped in the sewage. I’m the Queen of the Darkness. I KNOW my way around the Darkness. It doesn’t touch me. It doesn’t phase me. Which makes me the best trauma coach, life coach, badass to inspire you to get off your fucking ass, get angry, (This is what anger is FOR… This is why the Universe gave us ANGER)… TO EMPOWER US WITH CHANGE.

I am the one who shines light into the Dark. I weave Hope Threads for the Suicidal. I BUILT the fucking road in and out of the Darkness so you can get out.

And I’m calling to all of you. Assertive is not aggressive. To the Victim, to the Broken, to the forlorn, lost, hopeless, to you who have been forced to sleep in the mud, anything greater than quiet, mousy, whispering and tip-toeing DOES feel like aggression. That is because your Abuser made you HYPER-SENSITIVE to your own POWER.

And they Desensitized you to THEIR abuse.

Come, love. It’s time to turn the tables on them.

It’s time to embrace the dormant power within you that THEY ARE AFRAID OF. THAT is why they beat you down. Because YOU are a goddess/god… and your POWER SCARES THEM. Because they know what you are.

They know WHO you are.

So do I.

Your Majesty, it’s time to stand now, fight, and take back your crown, your kingdom, your realm.

Take Control or BE Controlled.

Change NOW