Types of Emotions

  • Complex Emotions
  • Red Flag Emotions

Alright! Emotions exist on a spectrum, but they come from different locations and mean different things from our Subconsciousness depending on WHERE they come from. Knowing where they come from and what they mean can go a long way in pointing the Conscious Mind (That’s you) in the right direction so you know what you need to do to resolve or assist a situation.

Cognitive Core Processing

Comfort + Discomfort + Pain + Trauma


This unique Emotion comes from an error within the Cognitive Core’s Processing. Simply put, you have two (or more) Beliefs in your Cognitive Core. Each Belief produces different, contradicting Conclusions that are fighting it out to form your PERSPECTIVE.

Confusion is a Red Flag Emotion that tells your Conscious Mind to examine your Belief System and Check in to make sure your beliefs are consistent, healthy, and reflect YOUR wants and desires. And NO ONE ELSES.

3rd Party Interference

Guilt + Shame + Self-Hate and Loathing

It is Shame most of us feel and often mistake for “guilt.” Guilt is a LOW Level emotion and is your relationship between Your Actions and Your Voice and Your Ethics.

If you KNOW it’s wrong to abuse people, and you see someone being bullied, but you’re afraid, so you “mind your own business,” you may feel guilt for not stepping up and helping the person being bullied. THIS is Guilt.

Shame is when you hate on yourself and mentally bully yourself for not acting as your parents felt you should. Shame is a Level 10 Emotions. Guilt is a level 2 and 3 emotion. Shame is a Red Flag emotion that should tip you off to tell you that you that you have the Neighbor Kid in your fridge, eating your food… and he needs to go home.

Jerry and The Fear System


Jealousy is a Complex Emotion. It is three emotions in one to create the perfect storm. Insecurity, Neglect, and Fear come together for this green-eyed Leviathan to take hold.

Insecurity comes from a Low Self-Esteem. The ONLY cure to this is Confidence and Self-Esteem.


Trapped – Anxiety


Loss and Grief

Loss… (Levels 1, 2, 3) Missing You (Levels 4, 5, 6) … Pining (Levels 7 and 8) … Grief (Levels 9 and 10).