Once you learn how to have a Perspective Shift, you’ll shift quickly. In most cases, a Shift will result in a loss of security, a loss of old thinking, a loss of familiarity, a loss of comfort. It is common for a Perspective Shift to result in The Five Stages of Grief (Change). Being mindful and prepared for the Five Stages can help you move smoothly through the change faster and with less difficulty.

Psychologists refer to this as the Five Stages of Grief, which implies that one must experience grief or death to experience the Five Stages. This is incorrect. Loss of any kind can provoke grief. Loss of a marriage, a dream, a future, an expectation, a pet, a hope, a relationship, a car. The real focus is actually the Change. One goes from having A, the loss occurs, which shifts their perspective. A change within the Cognitive Core is now mandatory for the healthy alignment to occur. What is really going on during loss and change is that you are shifting how you perceive reality. Hence the change in your perspective.

A change in perspective almost always leads to grief.

What are the Five Stage of Grief (Change)?

  • Shock and/or Denial
  • Negotiation
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

The stages do not always occur in this order. Many people can get delayed or stuck in one of the Stages. Avoidants may get stuck in Shock or Denial or Negotiation. Narcissists may get stuck in Anger. Those suffering from Depression, are susceptible to getting stuck in Depression.

How to Cope with Change or a Shifting Perspective?

Soothe yourself with comfort.

If you are enrolled in The Healing Garden’s Masterclasses, you should have been armed with your Self-Care Regimen. Self-Care is mandatory for expedited healing and maintaining your losses and change.

Embrace a hobby. Hobbies are your primary source of self-soothing and comfort.

Knowing what soothes you is a huge part of your knowing your Identity. If you struggle, look to the activities you enjoyed as a child (think 5 years old). Children and animals are very tuned in to their Cognitive Core and, chances are, the child-version of yourself is far more familiar with your Authentic Self than you are.