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Networking. Resource Provider. Problem Solver.

1 hour is $1,000 due prior to booking. Any question. Any topic. The hour is yours.

Anna’s views on life are one-of-a kind and changes lives. Several Clients have expressed that one hour with Anna is equivalent to 6 months in therapy. Get Started.

Monthly Workshop

Anna’s Workshops consist of 3 hours of High-Impact, highly profound Life Lessons, and will leave you speechless. Those who listen to her speak report getting more from her Workshops than 5 years of Therapy combined.

She only does one workshop a month, and only offers 50 seats per Workshop.

Upcoming Workshops:

1 December 2023 – Price $5,000/Seat -> Reserve Your Seat

Time : 2:00 PM EST

This is a Virtual Zoom Link that will be provided to ticket holders the day of the Event.

Life Management Advisor and Apprenticeship

Anna’s Triadic Healing™ is the Triple Threat of Mental Health, Community and Networking, and Business Success.

Anna Imagination provides a University-styled Business Agency to The Talented and The Elite who battle Mental Illness and then trains them in Business and Networking for a life among The Elite.

Because life doesn’t come with a handbook…

Anna’s Life Management Services goes above and beyond Talk Therapy. Our services are designed to un-shrink Celebrity-sized Women and free them from their small lives. Dream Big. Live Big.

Triadic Healing™ lays out your Healing Journey in a logical, detailed outline that utilizes Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Networking, and Business.

This is the only Healing program in the world that heals and corrects clients using Human Evolution, our Natural Learning Progression, and Human Behavior to rebuild a Human Subconscious Mind, strategically eliminating all the abuse at the source: Logical Fallacy from within the Cognitive Core™.

Anna’s Life Management Services covers all of this under Triadic Healing™:

  • Mental Health and Healing
  • Relationships (Polyamorous and Monogamous)
  • Parenting (From Nuclear Families to Polycules)
  • Money and Finance
  • Community Building
  • Career, Resources, and Networking

“I offer what you need, or I know someone who does.” – Anna

How are we different?

RAS Recovery + Plato’s Logic™+ Trauma Recovery… This formula is how we are different.

Talk Therapy only addresses the Symptoms of Trauma. In Triadic Healing™, Anna implements Plato’s Logic™ with Philosophy, Positive Affirmations, and Havening deliberately used to condition the RAS (Reticular Activating System) so your Subconscious Mind stops “looking for danger” and starts looking for opportunity.

“Philosophy is where they put the “good” Psychology.” – Anna

We implement Logic to correct and eliminate Logical Fallacies (Often referred to as “Limiting Beliefs”) at their source. Limiting Beliefs are actually “Fears” in disguise as Beliefs. Dialectical Behavior Therapy is Philsophy’s Formal Logical Argument and Debate combined with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

How many therapists mastered Formal Argument and Debate or even studied Philosophy? Why is this important? Because the Subconscious Mind is 100% Logical. Cognitive Dissonance, the core of all Human Emotional Suffering is just Logical Fallacy within an Individual’s Personal Logic.

You don’t need a therapist. You need a Logician. Anna is a Logician with 30 years Mastery in Formal argument and Deductive Reasoning.

Our goal is not to just heal you. Our goal is to heal you and then train you in Networking and the Celebrity and Business Mindset, and then help you build your community so you can then launch, maintain, and grow your career. Anna’s clients do not just gain access to Anna’s Triadic Healing™. They they also gain access to Anna’s Network of Celebrities, Billionaires, and Philanthropists, selectively cherry-picked with introductions for a win-win-win. It is about “who you know” and ensuring that the people in your Network are High Profile, Take-Action people who know how to get things done.

After your healing, Anna begins your Celebrity-Training, and then secures the introductions you need to launch and drive your career forward.

Only when you are making a sustainable income with a well-balanced Mental state that is Aligned with your Personal Logic do we graduate you from Triadic Healing™.

You win by getting your foot through the right door. They win by getting a reliable, Mentally Healthy and stable business client and/or colleague they can rely on, and I win by enhancing my reputation of connecting people with innovative ideas to the people who seek to sponsor and generate those ideas.

Who do we work with

Anna serves celebrity-sized Mermaids who are trapped in small lives due to Societal “Shrinking,” Trauma, and Social Anxiety, which prevents them from effective Networking and Community Building. Anna gives Voice back to the Voiceless.

Anna is highly selective about who she works with. Actors, Performers, Musicians, Entrepreneurs, The Elite, and Big Dreamers who harbor the desire to be famous, wealthy, and/or a celebrity. This life path requires discipline, knowledge, reputation, networking skills, planning, and hard play-work. To mingle with The Elite, you must know how to behave and think like The Elite. In most cases, even among current celebrities, poor Mental Health gets in the way and ruins careers.

Triadic Healing™ doesn’t mess around. Anna’s goal is to groom the Subconscious Mind into Balance and Alignment so you start working with your 6-Part Mental System as a team, putting an end to Self-Sabotage, Imposter Syndrome, and “Shrinking” all while correcting Trauma’s Logical Fallacy’s at the heart of your Mind.

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If you are ignited and determined to work with Anna, and you are ready to invest big into your life, book your 30-Minute “Take Action” call today for assessment. If Anna decides that you qualify to work with her, payment is due in full and up front.