Philosopher and Psychologist for Life Management Services

Life and Mindset Manager and Mentoring for Creatives and Freelancers

Anna Creates Celebrities and grooms them for the Lifestyle to Impress Business Managers and PR Agencies. Dream of being a Professional Artist or Freelancer? “Big Breaks” rely on luck. Successful Freelancers take Strategic Action.

From Birth to Death and everything in between. Grow and heal then SHINE with me! Break through The Class System and Upgrade! Break Into Fame, Fortune, and the Celebrity Life and the Elite with Anna’s Triadic Healing™ : From Now To Wow

Life Managers do MUCH more than Coaches or Therapists. Anna’s 30 years Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Business Expertise, and Life Experience come together in Triadic Healing™ : From Now to Wow!

Includes access to my Network.

Patrons of Triadic Healing™ are part of my Radical Global Healing Plan for World Peace. Ask me how.

If you dream of Fame, Fortune, and Success, or are already there, Anna provides everything from Trauma Recovery, to Authoritative Confidence Construction to Career and Networking Training. With her Networking, she grooms your Mindset into the Highclass Mindset required for success and the etiquette required to walk among, talk with, and impress the Elite. Anna’s Students come with the Reputation backed by her Reputation that fuels your career into Fame and Fortune.

Already Elite? Anna diagnoses your situation at the CORE, at the original source of the Problem, (your life before fame and fortune) and rebuilds your life with you on a solid foundation of The Self, Your First Role Model, and your Core Community so that you can manage and balance your life with ease and professionalism.

Wanting Triadic Healing™ : From Now to Wow without the Fame? Anna adjusts Triadic Healing™ accordingly to your Dreams. Same quality without the limelight.

See if Triadic Healing is Right For You.

World Peace and Philanthropy

  • Radical Global Triadic Healing™ Plan For World Peace
  • Operation : Imagination – The Round Table ($15,500 per Voting Seat)
  • Operation : Imagination – Anna’s Think Tank (Free and open to all)
  • Operation : Imagination – The Role Model Mindset Project (Free and open to all)
  • The Global Mental Health Movement : NeuroHealth Project (Free and open to all)

Event Producer

Anna The Ambassador for Imagination and Play for Adults and Children. Voice of the Voiceless. Play and celebrate life with me!

You are NOT Crazy. As an Executive Producer, I build a number of Events designed to nurture The Imagination-Starved Adult back into Creativity. I provide Public Speaking, Workshops, and dozens of resources for this purpose.

Anna’s Network and Community Building

We have shrunk so small inside ourselves that our parents, our neighbors, and lovers are all strangers. – Anna Imagination

Our Community Events

  • Role Mimic Model Project
  • Change Now
  • Anna’s Campfire Community
  • Anna’s Elite

Anna The Networker and Community Builder For People In Need of Connection, Growth, and Family. Swap Resources and Trade with me!

Networking is a PASSION of mine. People come with Resources. But Networking is a Communication and Socialization Skill many lack. Here, I open my doors for anyone who seeks Community, Neighbors, Family, or Connection. Don’t know how? Shy? Social Anxiety? I train you.

Additional Things I offer…

👉🏻 Podcast Interviews
👉🏻 Public Speaking