Journey Into The Self : Triadic Healing Part #3



Neuroscience, Philosophy, Perspective Psychology, Physics, and Sociology come together with the God Code to redefine Mindset Mentoring.

Triadic Healing™ is the Complete Philosopher’s Handbook For Life : From Birth to Death and Everything In Between including career building, Networking, and bridging the gaps from Low and Middle Class to High Class.

This program is ONE OF IT’S KIND and is only available at The Healing Garden with Anna Imagination.

*Case studies have shown life-altering results after as little as 5 – 9 weeks

Healing, Authenticity, and Restoration of the Self for the Individual AND for the Parent, Teacher, and Lover AND Certification in Triadic Healing for the Healer and the Lightworker.

This is Anna Imagination’s Triadic Healing from beginning to end, including Part #2 where you learn how to integrate Triadic Healing into all relationships of your life including friendships, children, and lovers both monogamous and polyamorous. Then, go on to get your certification in Triadic Healing as you Master the skills for you to become a Certified Healer with Triadic Healing for your own business.

This Program includes a complete Walkthrough with weekly assignments, and content. You stay with the program until your Healing Journey is complete.

  • Integration Workshop
  • Q&A
  • Troubleshooting
  • Triadic Healing
  • The Complete Syllabus (Part #1)
  • Learn to Learn : Teacher Vs. Discipulus
  • Restore Your Identity
  • Revive your Defense System through Communication, Emotional Utilization, and Boundary Setting
  • Discipline Your Subconscious Mind
  • Soothe Your Fear System
  • Train your Conscious Awareness to effectively Manage your 6-Part Mental System
  • Awaken and Embrace Authentic Living

Part #2 Continues Triadic Healing

  • The Complete Syllabus (Part #2)
  • Parent with Triadic Healing
  • Apply Triadic Healing to Your Students
  • Attract love and romance with Triadic Healing and improve your Relationships

Part #3 Concludes Triadic Healing with Certification

  • Learn how to help others with Triadic Healing
  • Learn to Teach : Forgiveness Teaching Through Story
  • Integrate Triadic Healing with your own healing techniques
  • Become a Certified Lightworker and become Authenticity City’s Lightworkers
  • Join Anna personally during World Peace Manifestation Day and become a Healing Garden Lightworker