Our Masterclass is offered in three forms:

  • “The Works” where everything we have to offer is yours. The goal is simple: to restore your Self from the inside out. Upon request, an expansion of this Masterclass is available for Couples. Register and Book Your Screening Call Now!

  • Goddess Training. This Masterclass is designed exclusively for women. The course is identical to our Masterclass, but is tailored to empower and unlock the Feminine power and strength inside. Topics and material is directed for women-related struggles regarding a lack of self-confidence and societal oppression. Register and Book Your Screening Call Now!

  • The Digital Mini-Course for those DYI introverts. The most noticeable difference between the Digital Mini-Course and the Masterclass is the lack of Q/A Weekly workshops. This is a self-guided course that includes the literature and webinars from our Masterclass. Get the Digital Mini-Course Now!

The Masterclass Includes:

8-Week Program

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Healing Journey Overview: What Lies Ahead
  3. Evolving from a Possession-seeking mindset to an Open-To-Acceptance mindset.
  4. Cognitive Core: The Source of Logical Emotions
  5. The Power of Imagination and Manifestation
  6. Gratitude = Happiness
  7. The Power of Words
  8. Self-Care Regimen
  9. Understanding Pain
  10. Identity: Voice, Name, and Emotions
  11. Demystifying The Subconscious
  12. Emotional Management Plan
  13. The Rorschach Print Perspective
  14. Applying Cognitive Behavioral Therapy And Meditation
  15. Weekly Q&A Classes for the 8-week Masterclass
  16. The Narcissist Pandemic: Abuse Proof You

Additional Classes and Workshops

  • The Awakening and The Divide: Energy Reading
  • Transmuting Your Pain and Trauma