The Healing Garden is NOT a space for TRADITIONAL THERAPY.

It is NOT a space for Modern Psychology.

The Healing Garden is a space for PHILOSOPHICAL Psychology and Perspective Psychology which is RADICALLY DIFFERENT than EVERYTHING ELSE available. Philosophy first. Psychology second. And even then, Perspective Psychology.

The Healing Garden is for people who tried Traditional Therapy and found it inept, inadequate, and incapable of actually producing results.

Diagnoses are USELESS here. In this space, there is no diagnoses. Citing widely accepted practices is useless here.

That’s like walking into an Herbalist’s Shoppe and talking about which Prescription drugs are best.

This space is for people who KNOW that Traditional therapy doesn’t work and they need something better that actually works.

This space is for people who believe that you should not be on a Healing Journey MORE THAN 5 years! AND YOU SHOULDN’T. If you are, the therapist and the methods used are inept because they are using methods that are inadequate!

I use Manifestation, Mindfulness, Meditation, Mindset, Conscious Awareness, and Self-Care to get YOU to Optimum Mental Health in 8 weeks. Period. No Bullshit.

If you come here thinking that Traditional Psychology is best or better, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE. This space is for people who TRIED Traditional Psychology AND IT FAILED THEM as it failed me.

In this space, we actually CURE mental illness. If you’re skeptical about this, then this place isn’t for you. I am not for everyone.