Overwhelm is a due to a lack of self-care. The reason why most people avoid self-care is because they were shamed for any time spent on themselves. Chances are, you’re a workaholic, or you’re constantly on the go, keeping yourself busy to avoid the sense of guilt. You may associate being busy with people pleasing, specifically a mother or a father who were adamant that “lazy” was a bad quality. As a result, you may have an association of feeling useful or important or valued with being busy.

The problem is, you ran out of steam a long time ago, but you’re still going and you can’t shut off. And when you do, you feel like “something is wrong” or you battle the guilt.

But by now, you’re on a type of auto-pilot. Your Subconsciousness is pushing you through the process, “Keep doing. Keep doing. Keep doing.” But your mind is mush. Are you even able to follow what I’m saying here? Or have you had to re-read these sentences over and over to follow what I’m saying?

Rest. Stop. And Rest. It’s GOING to feel weird.

Chances are this “need to please” came from Narcissistic parents who taught you either violently or very sweetly, that your purpose is to serve them or others, and that only the selfish rest.

I strongly recommend both, the Cognitive Core Alignment and the Self-Care Regimen.