Children and Teenagers are my people! The reason why is because children (unless significantly abused, neglected, or suppressed), are TUNED INTO their little Id’s! They KNOW what they want!

Society says, “Get into the box!”

Most adults are in the box.

Adults pass on Society’s message, “Get in the box!”

Toddlers say, “No!” And run the other way.

Children say, “Why?”

Teenagers say, “Fuck that shit! I’m being suppressed!” And run the other way. Very few people fight harder for their Identity than teenagers. And they’re RIGHT.

This is the primary problem with adults. Adults have a defined idea of how things SHOULD be done (according to the societal box), that they will rip their children’s Identity, sanity, safety, mental health, and freedom away from them all to make sure they conform.

If you and your child are butting heads, it’s probably because you’re violating their Identity.

By the time 20’s and 30’s roll around the child/teen… is in the box.

The first rule of being in the box is, we don’t talk about the box. We don’t question the box. We do what everyone else does. Which is to get in the box.

The primary problem most adults have with their children is that adults are conditioned to cram their children into the same box they were forced into. And chances are, you’re miserable! And your children see just how miserable you are. Which makes the child more averse to getting inside the box.

Really, the younger a child is, the more tuned in to their intuition and Identity they are. Which is healthy. Which is the problem with most adults.

Anytime you have a problem with another person, focus on self-work and self-growth instead. Always.

Design Your Journey and get started.