What does The Healing Garden do?

Anna Imagination is a Life and Psychology Coach who provides an alternative to Traditional, Insurance-Governed Therapy. Anna provides remote, DIY, Online Courses for Authentic Living and Lifestyle Transformations using Philosophy, Sociology, and Psychology.

Anna presents “A Different Way To Live” using a Healing & Life Transformation Process that she created called “Triadic Healing.”

Triadic Healing, when properly integrated, revives an individual’s Identity alongside their Defense System (Your ability to Use and Enforce Boundaries), and shuts down your Fear System while eliminating Toxic and Limiting Beliefs.

Triadic Healing works best with entrepreneurs and those who seek to remove themselves from The Patriarchy and its Mob Mentality.

How does The Healing Garden work?

The Healing Garden utilizes Conscious Awareness, Meditation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Deductive Reasoning, and Pure Logic to outmaneuver and override the Subconscious Mind to shut it down so that the Identity, Defense System, and Conscious Awareness can take over.

Where are you located?

We are 100% Online and 100% Global. Our headquarters are in New York City. We only speak English. We do not have a physical location at this time. All you need to participate in The Healing Garden is a reliable internet connection and headphones.

How much are your services?

Our services range from $25 – $15,000.

What are your hours?

Anna is available in the mornings Monday and Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays between 9:00 AM EST to 12:00 Noon EST.

How do I get ahold of you?

The best way to reach me is through Facebook Messenger.

I want to talk to you about my situation. How do I book a session with you?

I am not available for Consultations, One-on-One, or Private Sessions. All of my courses and material is for DIY Remote Healing via online Pre-Recorded Videos. I am only available to those who have paid for Membership with “Journey Into The Self.

I *really* want to hire you for One-on-One.

I charge $2,000/hour, paid in full at the time of booking. I accept credit card, PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp. You will receive a booking link after I receive payment.