When the truth becomes apparent to us, and we see our own truth, we also must accept the severity in which we were delusional. And we grieve the loss of the delusion. We grieve the extent of our abuse.

We realize.

We understand.

We accept.

And it is then that we cry.

This is the Coming to Awareness.

They say “Awareness is the beginning of change.”

This imprecise statement sends people in search of Awareness without fully understanding the process of Awareness or what Awareness is.

Crying is the emotional overload that sets off the channels in the brain to finally communicate “loss” and acceptance. Anger makes an appearance as this is, at times, part of the process of Change.

Crying occurs as part of the process of Acceptance. Keep going through. Let the tears come. Don’t stop. The tears are there to soothe you through the process of change.