Visualization, Imagination, Make-Believe are powerful. They are the primary tools I use in Triadic Healing to enhance the learning with a fraction of the work. Humans were designed to indulge in pleasure.

Let me paint a picture for you.

Imagine that Healing entails a Journey. You have decided to climb Mount Everest! You arrived at the base of the mountain, which is a massive Tourist Trap filled with marketers, therapists, Governments, and Psychologists all screaming at you to try their products.

“Oh! You’re climbing Everest!? You know what you need…!?”

There are three types of shops:

  • 1 – Government, Therapy, and Prescriptions
  • 2 – Science, Psychology, and Prescriptions
  • 3 – Meditation, Spirituality, Manifestation, and Herbs

Which one would you choose?

**Anna pauses here to meditate on the words…**

Many of us are divided. Very few of us would choose all of them. Most of us would select “the best” for us. But the correct answer is “all of them” and some methods that I had to invent for myself to get me through.

Each one of them represents a different Perspective. And each Perspective has strengths and weaknesses. The best method for scaling a Leviathan like Everest, is to take the strengths of each of them (and possibly the weaknesses of others) to ensure that you have a well-rounded arsenal of climbing equipment, knowledge, tools, skills, resources, a compass, a guide, and a map.

But most of us choose one shop, make no preparations, have no map, no idea where the final destination is, leave the compass, don’t consult a guide who has actually BEEN to the top, and no tools. We have no training, no skills, just the opinions of marketers all screaming at us to buy their product.

After collecting only 5% of the “well-marketed-but-not-necessarily-correct” supplies, we wander around the bottom of the mountain indefinitely.

Some people find the path and begin to scale, get lost, burn out, and never see the top.

Rumors begin to emerge among the shops that “there is no end,” while others say, “it’s all about the journey anyway.”

“Once you go down that path, you’re never heard from again…”

Everyone has accepted that pain is the norm.

That “healing has no end.”

And no one can agree on what “Self-Care” actually means.

People arrive at the base of the mountain, determined to climb, but when they hear about the disorder and confusion, they give up and don’t even begin. Others arrive and can’t sort out the overwhelming opinion of “which way is better.”

And everyone is in pain while trying to make this decision.

I feel like I’m sitting in the back corner of the tavern here at the base of Everest wearing an old worn cloak, smoking some shire leaf as I tell you my tale over a pint of ale. My raspy voice. My face barely visible in the candlelight.

I told you… you are my people.

I have been to the top of Everest. I have mastered Healing. I have studied Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Physics, and Spirituality. And then I invented Perspective Psychology because the three “shops” were horribly inadequate, manipulative, and clueless. They were the blind leading the blind.

I am not blind. To date, I am the only one who has been to the top. People who walk my road are all dead or insane. True story.

Perspective Psychology provides the Map, the skills, the route, and the Journey. It provides you with the Big Picture of where you are, what your obstacle is, and the exact path you need to take, with milestones and check points, to get you through.

I call this “Finding Your Coordinates” and this is Step #2.

It requires a radical way of thinking. A type of thinking that is so “outside the box” that all information you have about Healing is next to useless. The people who didn’t click through, most likely won’t make it. Not unless they change. Not unless, they shift Perspectives. The fact that you clicked through, you’re already where I was. You have an advantage and are more likely to finish this Journey.

So I’m going to play a game with you. I am going to accompany you on this Journey and give you pointers that helped me. Pointers about healing that no one knows about unless they’ve been there.

  • Self-Care is not what you think it is. It is not what you have been told it is. Self-Care is learning to Self-Comfort. When done properly, it grounds you and recharges you.
  • Emotions are not taught or managed properly. Emotions are HIGHLY logical (Sorry, Spock). Emotions are your GREATEST ASSEST. You will not make it without them.
  • The three Life Titans are required. They are of my own invention. They are the CORE to Triadic Healing. Learn them. Master them. You’ll need them.
  • Combination Theory is where you begin. It’s just a tool to tell you how much farther you have to go.
  • Perspective Thinking is key. Learn the language. Adopt it. You’ll need it where you’re going.
  • Communication is your Light. Words are your Light. Without them, you’ll be wandering alone in the Dark.

All of these elements listed above (and a few more that are not mentioned here) make up Triadic Healing, which I invented over the course of 30 years to get me from the most horrifically abusive situation you can imagine to being the leading expert on Perspective Psychology.

This type of healing is only available to the 5th Perspective and higher. It requires a 5th Perspective to understand it.

Now… Ready to get started?