Welcome to my Home.

The Moon always purifies my Perspective. And… 30 September 2023 was a big one for me. It was the final stepping stone that final opened the door of my City to me. I have been looking at this City of mine… all my life. I was beaten for it then hidden.

My City is vast. It runs on its own Vibrational Frequency. Within my City, you will find a University, a Beacon, a Belonging, and… Me. When I Healed, I healed all the way down to my center until I found this.

And now, I build and welcome you to my world.

There is a World that is denied to all of us. It is a world that we are told “does not exist.” This is The Abstract World. It is built on Imagination.

There are three Abstracts that Concrete Thinkers within the Physical World use from my Abstract World:

  • Money
  • Time
  • Mathematics

The Abstract of Money was so hard for Concrete Thinkers to understand, so a Coinage System and Bookkeeping was invented to help them.

Clocks were invented for the Concrete Thinkers to understand Time.

Mathematics is pure logic and… based on the reasoning of Concrete Thinkers, it does not exist. Because, according to Concrete Thinkers, “The Abstract is not real.”

You know what else isn’t real?

  • The Subconscious Mind
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Imagination
  • Feelings

I am here to give Voice to the Voiceless. And there is nothing more Voiceless than The Energy and Imagination.

If you are like me, then you are just as TIRED of being told what “isn’t real” and “what doesn’t exist” by Concrete Thinkers who are intellectually limited due to their aversion to growth.

I exist in the Abstract World. I grew up here. I played with The Energy and I never “outgrew” Make-Believe or Imagination. Instead, I became a Fantasy Author. A Dungeons & Dragons DM. A Perspective Psychologist. An Oralstorian. A Philosopher. And now, The Founder of the first Abstract City, Authenticity.

My views on the Abstract, much like Don Quixote, were dismissed by my abusers as “Insanity.” So when I cured my Insanity, I was fully expecting the Abstract World to vanish. But that did not happen. Quite the opposite.

The more I healed, the more the Abstract World became real.

It took all of my knowledge and experience from 30 years of Philosophy, Logic, Psychology, Sociology, Story, Theater, Physics, Music Theory, Stage, Mythology, and Communication in the Written and Oral word to realize, understand, and accept that the Abstract World does in fact, very much, exist.

Understanding Abstract is something that the human mind can only understand after the 6th Stage of Developmental Growth. The majority of people currently on this planet, never made it past the 4th Stage.

That makes the majority of the people on this planet Concrete Thinkers and incapable of evening understanding The Abstract. Unfortunately, Concrete Thinkers have a disposition to be aggressive, projective, abusive, and violent due to their underdevelopment of Stage Growth.

It is time for Abstract Thinkers to finally stand up and say, “You are wrong about me. I can See and Understand The Abstract.”

A Concrete Thinker has no business ever telling an Abstract Thinker what is or isn’t real.

Welcome to The Healing Garden.