I take everything public… because I believe in transparency, authenticity, but also… because my “comfort zone” is in the public eye (Trauma Scars). Privacy has always been foreign to me.

I struggle with Marketing. To me, it feels dirty and manipulative and violates the freedoms and rights of another.

Done right, marketing can be used to plant subliminal messages that access your Subconscious Mind’s Memories of Nostalgia so you’ll buy more.

Certain colors (red) provoke hunger, which is why so many restaurants are red… encouraging you to buy more food than you could possibly eat.

Word choices, phrases, concepts… all of these are tools that can be used to control and manipulate a consumer. And I, of all people, know how to manipulate the Subconscious Mind. But my ethic is STRONG. I am a Freed Slave. I KNOW what it feels like to be controlled and puppetted. I have “free” tattooed on my arm so I will never forget that I am free.

So every time, I write a marketing post, my ethics SCREAM. But Marketing is awareness. It’s just telling you, “Hey. I have this thing going on. This is what is. This is what you get. This is what it costs.”

Adding images, colors, phrasing, catch phrases… At what point, does it tip over into manipulation. And I value your freedom of mind so much, that I barely market. And when I do, my Rick, My Subconscious Mind, DOES NOT LIKE IT AND HE PROTESTS!

“Hey, Anna! You’re contradicting your ETHICS when you write up that marketing post! And you’re hurting Beth (The Id)! Stop it!”

I finished the post, sent it out, and Rick grumbled. Lucky for me, I speak Subconscious Mind. I went to work on Google and Philosophy and the morals of Manipulation and Marketing.

And, because I believe in transparency, I must show this conflict to you.

If you are good at something, you should NEVER do it for free. You sell yourself short when you do that. And right now, I have $150 and that is all I have. So now it’s down to feeding my daughter or resolving this Marketing/Ethics dilemma I have. And I HAVE to feed my daughter.

And I HAVE to figure out how to run an Ethical and honest Business that will bring in money so that I can be available to you to help you heal and guide you through your healing WHILE I maintain my health and my daughter’s health and survival.

These are the three things I want. An ethical business, financial abundance so that I can be available to you, and my family’s health and safety.

For me, Transparency is the DEATH of Manipulation so I am showing you ALL of my cards. I am TELLING you that I intend to heal you AND build a billion dollar business out of The Healing Garden. Because that money is what I’m going to use to prove my research, become a philanthropist, create Healing Homes for EVERYONE and the Homeless Community.

Monasteries. Monastery styles Healing Homes. With Gardens. Like the Cloisters. … that is what I See.

And I will not take Government Funding. I will NOT take Insurance Policies, because THEN THEY OWN YOU. And their best interests are NOT focused on YOU. They seek to control and fatten their wallets.

I seek to change this broken world, to heal it, and to bring us to world peace. That is my Mission with The Healing Garden.

And it all starts here, me, showing you all of my cards. Being transparent with you. Because THIS IS MY ETHIC.

In a way, I’m asking you permission to market to you.

Yes. That is what I need.

I hold the secrets to the Subconscious Mind. I cannot enter your mind and present information to you that will alter your Cognitive Core without your permission.

THAT is why I hold back.

THAT is why I am scared to give you my knowledge. Because my information WILL CHANGE YOU.

You will change for the better. You will LOVE yourself in the end. But it is a DIFFICULT road for some. And I am terrified of starting you on this journey without making you understand fully what you are taking on.

That when you choose to heal and upgrade your mind, those you love and the place you belong MOST LIKELY WILL be left behind. Only those who LOVE you will stay. All those who are USING YOU will VANISH. That is the best part about healing… The process will literally eliminate those who use you, and you will see exactly who never loved you.

There. I have a great power. And with that power, comes GREAT responsibility.

And today I am feeling that responsibility. And I could never live with myself if I hurt you. I could NEVER live with myself if my information caused you any harm.

I don’t know you.
But I feel you.
You are part of this world.
We are all entities born from the Energy Pool.
And I love you.
Because we are One.

I will pray to the Universe every day that I will always handle this responsibility with great care, integrity, and ethical transparency.

I promise you, if and when you entrust your healing to me, and your Psychology, I will do my utmost care to ensure you are safe with me, and I will NEVER EVER cause you harm.

I promise you that I will work to serve to you.

And I am Fae. Goddess of Manifestation. My promises BIND me. I cannot break my promises. And I, more than anyone, understand the vital, cherished importance of trust.

I promise, if you trust me, I will take care of you to the BEST of my ability. I promise, if you trust me, I will serve you.

On 10 July 2023, I am hosting a 5-Day Mini-Master Power Course. I will be focusing on your Defense System, Setting Boundaries, and how to get that up and running for you.

I will have homework, assignments, guidance, Q&A, and I am running giveaways during that 5-Day Course.

Registration is $1,000.
I accept Venmo, CashApp, or PayPal.
I do have payment options available.

If you’re interested, comment below and we’ll be in touch.

Thank you and may the kindest of words always find you.