Music is my first love, shortly after that is Philosophy. It was Carl Jung’s work on Theology and the Psychology of Religion that led me from Philosophy to Psychology. I truly am Polyamorous with my three Partners: Music, Philosophy, and Psychology. One could not ask for better wives than these three. Here, I return to my second Wife: Philosophy. – Anna Imagination

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On Psychology

Psychology used to be considered a branch of Philosophy. In fact, much of human behavior, Ethics, Morals, Beliefs, Religion, Formal Argument and Debate are all areas of study one finds under Philosophy.

For a time, Psychology was studied alongside Philosophy, as a sub-genre to Philosophy. Freud changed a lot on how we think about Psychology and, quickly, Philosophy was phased out, and Psychology was elevated to a Medical Fact where much of the information there was hailed as Fact.

In Philosophy, it is widely understand that Debate, Discussion, and Hypothesis are the leading areas of Philosophy. Everything is Abstract, Subjective, immeasurable observations that one can only label as opinions. Yet, today, the Psychology Field flouts abstract observations, theories, and hypothesis as fact, and have stonewalled data and highly valuable information as “medical” barring access to this by the common man.

50% of Therapists and Psychologists abandon the field BECAUSE of how rampant Modern Psychology is today with it’s abuse, it’s ego, and it’s “medical” practices where Insurance Companies call the shots on what should and shouldn’t be considered best practices.

They have forgotten that what they flout as medical “fact” is JUST an opinion based on the opinions of others… which is based on the opinions of others. Because not one thing in Abstract subjective hypothesis can be measured.

The Rorschach Print Perspective

The Rorschach Print Perspective…

I see us all looking at each experience in our lives through a Rorschach Print… And I keep this thought in my head always. ALWAYS. So that when someone around me reacts, blows up, internalizes, withdraws, cries, lashes out, or gets hurt, I can see them and think “What are you seeing in your Rorschach Print?”

But if we are all just looking through Rorschach Prints, then it is only ever our perspective that can be altered. If only I could see what you see, then I would know how to show you what I see. And then we would understand each other.

As a result, I’m calm often and very forgiving. Nothing rattles me. I know who I am and where I am always. I am seated on a pillar looking at a Rorschach Print. That is where I am. And I see everyone. I see you.

You also are seated on a pillar looking through a Rorschach Print. Sometimes, people can trap others in their Rorschach Prints. This is where trauma breeds.

The thing is… In the end, How threatening really is a Rorschach Print? Not at all. It’s just Perspective and Abstract Thought.

There is only ever my Rorschach Print, Your Rorschach Print, and Reality. The trick is learning how to look past the Rorschach Print and just see the untainted, unaltered Reality. Truth.

My biggest flaw used to be is not being patient with people who were adamant that their Rorschach Print is real.

I sigh and pull out Don Quixote’s Mirror Of Reality.

Side note, religion is just someone else’s Rorschach print that they have forced you to look through.

The Energy Pool

Talking on The Energy Pool is easily one of my favorite aspects of what I do.

It allows me to drop my guard, open my chest, and embrace all the parts of me without worrying about credibility or reputation.

There is this on-going ancient “war” between religion and Science on what is right and what is wrong. Even among the faithful, they fight, argue, and wage war to defend their opinions and perspectives without any respect for differences of opinions and experience of the Energy Pool.

As if there is ONE right religion out there and we’re all drawing our best guess from the hat, hoping (or “knowing”) we choose “the right one” so we get the coveted prize at the end… Immortality. Heaven. Gold and pearly gates. Our own planet.

I come from a different school of thought that I PASSIONATELY pass on to others.

I believe that religion is one man’s interpretation of their spiritual experiences that matches their frequency and vibrations. So only one or two parts of the Energy Pool resonates to one person. Imagine that the Energy Pool is a woman sleeping. And you are located at the foot. Others are located at the arm. And others are located at the head. Now all of you have found the “Goddess Sleeping,” but when you all sit down to compare your perspectives, one will describe a foot, the other an arm, the third, a head.

One man’s perspective may contradict the tellings of the others, and they take this contradiction AS AN ACCUSATION that they are wrong. Not right. Not wrong. Just different.

But they are close-minded. They begin to argue. They fight. One of the men is killed. News gets back to his family and vengeance is sought.

I do not teach or push TOLERANCE of others. What I seek is MUCH higher than just “tolerance.” I seek love and acceptance and appreciation for each difference of opinion… Because the open-mind and open-heart required to change the world starts here.

This is what I learned on my Journey of Enlightenment while I embraced the Way of the Buddha. – Anna Imagination

The Healing Garden’s LightWorkers

Join The “United Nations” of LightWorkers and become a Member of The Healing Garden’s LightWorkers where we provide classes on how to prepare and heal for the Shadow Days to come.

Vibrational Frequency

Okay! Imagine this… Imagine that each one of us is born with a single Frequency that defines our Song. Some of us are TUNED INTO this one Frequency. Most of us are not. Some of us wander the earth trying to Align to our ONE Frequency, the one note, that defines us. And that note is the Tonic, the Primary Note of YOUR own PERSONAL SCALE.

Keep following me. Imagine it! Now…

Imagine, when you finally find your One Note, it’s like you suddenly See the World as a song. Some people are part of your song. Some people, most people, belong to a COMPLETELY different Harmonic, modality, or frequency altogether. Neither song is right. Neither song is wrong. They’re just DIFFERENT.

Now… IMAGINE that life is all about YOU finding what belongs to your song, what matches to your Frequency, and what doesn’t. People, places, things, dreams, jobs, desires… it all needs to be on your frequency, playing to your own song.

Sometimes, you find a person who is perfectly matched to YOUR song. This is your Perfect Fifth, or your Second. It’s your Octave or your Minor or Major Third.

Now… Imagine how SILLY it would be to compare songs, and hate others JUST because they don’t fit in to YOUR song. Imagine then just how boring the world would be if there only was just one song.

On Religion

Spiritual Healing and Alignment is often fought in parallel with Science and Medicine. Most are not aware that BOTH are required for balanced healing.

Set aside the Ego and think on this… Some people cannot FEEL the Energy Pool as well as some. So, their perspective, would draw them toward Science and tangible evidence.

Some people are TUNED IN to the Energy pool and their Intuition and they have no problems feeling the credibility of an invisible frequency pool encompassing us.

Scientists work hard to figure out what others naturally can feel. Neither is right. Neither is wrong. Stop arguing about how you perceive things differently and OPEN YOUR MIND to gentle understanding and patience for others.

We need the Psychology and Science for those who can’t FEEL the Intuition. They will arrive where we are by no other way.

We need the Religious and the Faithful for those who can SENSE what is already known to them. Every religion/belief is just a single interpretation of the same Energy Pool. No one person is right. No one person is wrong. It’s just your perspective.

We’re all going to the same place. Stop arguing how we all “should” be getting there.

On Christianity

Okay. This is NOT going to be popular, but I don’t help people lie to themselves.

I cannot to begin to tell you how many of my clients suffer from Christian Abuse. It is a SEVERE, LIFE-LONG condition that is at the core of SO MANY Narcissistic parents who use this religion as fuel and justification for their abuse.

No religion has been more used and warped to abuse, control, and manipulate others than that of Christianity. This “cram my faith down your throat” mentality is easily one of the most toxic religions on the planet. While it’s roots are heavily reminiscent of Judaism and (later) Buddhism (Christ’s teachings are VERY similar to that of Buddhism), the religion that emerged in the 4th Century bears too much resemblance to the abusive, imperialistic mindset of the Roman Empire.

I believe…

Christianity was campaigned by the Roman Empire in the 4th Century to rebuild and rebrand the NEW Roman Empire under a different name because their old victims had grown wise of their abuse.

The Council of Nicaea used Narcissism to achieve this. As a result, Narcissism was carefully and strategically embedded into the Christian religion to condition people through SEVERE fear to obey without question, to destroy the Self, and punish those who don’t conform.

Sound familiar?

The similarities between Christianity and Narcissism are extraordinary and identical. Many people today have found a way to carve out a New Age Christianity separate from the Roman Empire Reincarnation that poisons our society today, but often, they are the ones who bear the deepest scars of Christian Abuse.

If you are a Victim of Christian Abuse and you seek to heal, there is a gentle, warm place here just for you.

The Divine

“Think back to the oldest era your mind can fathom, back beyond everything we can remember, when gods were still men who had not yet lived the deeds that would deify them.” Gudrun’s aged gold eyes peered from behind her curtain of long, silver hair. “Think back before the time when the Aesir and the Vanir were still men who had settled here on ancient Earth, ages before their war.”

I first wrote these words in 2006. Never would I dream of looking back to them now and realize that I was referring to us.

We are immortal Gods and the Goddesses who long forgot that we had the power to create and destroy. I believe we exist in three forms:

As Energy that lives in the very Energy Pool that surrounds us.

Now and then, through conception, orgasm, and birth we are drawn from the Energy and, for a time, we experience the Individuality. Within this time, we roam the world in a physical body. Upon our deaths, we return to the Energy Pool.

Sometimes death is traumatic, and it keeps us here, stuck in the Material Plane as a trapped Energy, unable to return to the Energy Pool. We call these entities Ghosts.

Some of us are highly attuned to the Energy Pool during their Individuality and they wander the earth, living in a Physical body, forever being drawn back Home to the Energy Pool. Others are oblivious to the Energy Pool and are unaware that they live in the Matrix.

Some of us become Awakened and we find the Energy Pool during our Individuality.

This is my religion and my Spirituality.

I dedicate my life to preserving the Energy Pool and helping those who are sensitive to the Pool to find it and tap into their powers.

The Healing Garden’s LightWorkers

Join The “United Nations” of LightWorkers and become a Member of The Healing Garden’s LightWorkers where we provide classes on how to prepare and heal for the Shadow Days to come.