• Your Identity is designed to navigate your life.
  • Your Ego is designed to Manage and Captain your Internal Mental System.
  • Your Subconscious Mind is supposed to be keeping you safe.

For most of us, the Subconscious Mind has mutinied like a rogue robot corrupted by its own programming in a Sci-Fi Dystopian movie, and is running your life without design on Fear-based decisions designed to “Keep you safe.” It is archaic and is without Consciousness or Sentience.

The Healing Garden restores the Identity and the Ego, and disciplines the Subconscious Mind, keeping it out of your way so can have the life you want without constant interference from the Subconscious Mind.

“When I tell people that I cure Mental Illness, I get a lot of skepticism. The thing is, The Healing Garden was created from a path of Psychology that no one has ever explored before. This is Perspective Psychology.”

– Anna Imagination

Anna is a Pioneer in Psychology. Her Triadic Healing was designed from 30 years of Philosophy, Perspective Psychology, and Sociology, and includes the best concepts and healing methods taken from Physics, Neuroscience, Manifestation, Music Theory, and Ancient and New Eastern Holistic Practices.

How do we do it?

Triadic Healing reverses the polarity of your Subconscious Mind from negative thinking to positivity thinking, which is how the Mind used to be when we were infants, prior to traumas and societal Perspective Conditioning that changed our natural positive thinking mindsets over to negative mindsets.

Mental Illnesses require a negative and fear-based Mental Emotional Environment to thrive and fester. Within a Negative Mental Environment, Behavioral Defenses (AKA Mental Illnesses) subconsciously attract abuse and nurtures negativity.

The Subconscious Mind is an AI, a Machine that runs and operates on programming left over from the Ice Age. Through Conditioning, negative or positive, the Subconscious Mind adjusts to whatever Environment is cultivated within the mind.

With the right kind of nurturing discipline, the Subconscious Mind can be groomed, conditioned, and reformatted. And Anna, is a former BDSM Mistress of 25 years and a Perspective Psychologist and Philosopher. She knows a thing or two about Discipline and how to apply her methods gently and safely to the Subconscious Mind while nurturing the Identity, the Ego, and the Intuition (The Shadow Self), back to Authority, Control, and Power.

Using Triadic Healing, Anna addresses the Mental Emotional Environment in the Subconscious Mind and deliberately starves the Negative Environment, disabling the negativity that is required for Invasive Perspectives and mental illnesses to flourish, while strategically nurturing your Identity and Intuition and educating your Ego back to Power.

The results?

You get the Healing and Trauma Recovery results you want within the timeframe that you want. No medications.

This is not just mindset. It is organized, deliberate, intentional, and strategic Philosophical and Holistic Psychological Practices combined with Mind Mastery and Awareness designed to outwit the Subconscious Mind while we turn down the Fear System. Meanwhile, we nurture and train your Ego and Identity to reawaken, revive, and reclaim their role of power and authority and control over your Subconscious Mind so that you can honor and protect your own perspective without the invasive perspectives that were forced inside of you to control you from childhood.

Triadic Healing is thorough. Every corner of the Identity, the Self, and the Mind is addressed, healed, corrected, restored, and managed through Nurturing, Education, Awareness, and Discipline. After the healing, the focus shifts to management, maintenance, protection, and preservation of the System so the lessons learned stay with you for life and establish themselves in your Lifestyle as your new norm.

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