I love supporting others in the Health and Wellness business and, what I don’t offer my clients, I find others who do, and I share. I am a Taurus OBSESSED with quality. I like my material trinkets that add to my own personal Energy Pool. These are my top Favorites that I picked up around the ‘net and who’s links I like to keep close. May they bring you as much joy as I. – Anna Imagination

Chakra Stones and Supplies

Mama Moon Rocks… I have SO MUCH to say about this US located supplier! She offers A LOT on chakra stones and supplies, and the quality is SUBSTANTIAL! This woman knows her shit! What I love most about her though is her WARM AND LOVING personality that BEAMS like sunlight from every Facebook post, and that kind of magic seeps into her stones! She ships internationally, and orders that exceed $99+ ship for free in the US. And believe you me, it is EASY to drop $99+ on her not-so-little Magical Shop of Stones! When I found her, my first thought was, “Shit! I need a Mama Moon Rocks budget… because I could go BROKE investing in her practice!”


The Art of Living … Join Now

The Art of Living is practiced around the world by Millions. Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is the Guru and founder of The Art of Living. They offer In-Person retreats as well as online and in-app guided meditations. It is rhythmic breathing and meditation and it comes highly recommended. I am a member of this group, and I will be attending the Silent Retreat later this year.


Dawn’s Yoga and Wellness… Coming soon

Energy Healing

Reiki Specialist Tracy Lee Percival… Coming soon

Business and Financial Health and Wellness

Amanda Rose

Marketing guru, Amanda Rose bombarded me with her exceptional personality! With one foot planted firmly in the Business and Marketing realm, her other foot is SOLIDLY planted in the Powers of Manifestations. This Self-Made Millionaire and I bumped into each other in mid-May 2023 and it was like I found a Soul-Sister cut from the same cloth! If you are looking to change your game in the world of Business and Marketing, I highly recommend ANY of her many Courses (She has 40+ with which to choose from). Use the code “Anna” and get an additional 20% off of any of her products! Browse her Course List.

Nichole Weaver Money and Financial Advisor… Coming soon

Sex and Relationship Health and Wellness

Sex Coach, Denise Howell… Coming soon

Barbara Katz Relationship Coach… Coming soon

Self-Care and Wellness

Leslie Gaudet Self-Care Coach… Learn More

Leslie Gaudet is a Motivational Speaker, International Bestselling Author, and Self-Care Coach for female coaches and course creators. She helps her clients prioritize self-care so they can wake up with more energy, focus, and intention to tackle their daily activities and serve their clients with confidence.

Using proven coaching strategies and personalized support, she helps her clients reduce stress and burnout, increase their sense of fulfillment and purpose, and cultivate a sustainable self-care practice that supports their personal and professional growth.

She believes that making self-care a priority will give you the confidence to dream big and bring your dreams to reality, because you will be in alignment with your purpose and the life you want to lead, while using your time to your advantage, so that you are in flow and creating and designing a life you love living.