Welcome to Anna’s Filing Cabinet and Office! This is my attempt to organize the mess in my brain! This is where I accumulate all of my pending ideas, future projects, and “Anna-isms” that I love and has bookmarked so I can stay on task.

“I have a serious love affair happening with the stage. She and I just need a moment. Excuse me while I sloth across the stage.”

Anna Imagination


Understanding is the GOLD that holds all relationships, romantic or platonic, together.

Misunderstanding is the breakdown of all Connection.

“Gaslighting is when someone changes your story.” From the Video “Silenced Children. Silenced Adults.”

“Your Identity Threatens the Common Belief.” – From the Video “Silenced Children. Silenced Adults.”

“To know ones own self is to know everything because everything is always relative to the Defined self.”

Anna’s Pending Ideas

Triadic Healing Survival Guide : For those needing to survive their current traumas

Tactical Psychology designed to survive a trauma while enduring trauma without rewiring your nervous system

Triadic Healing for Teens

The Healing Garden App (Coming May 2024)